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2 * Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3
3 *
4 * This library is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5 * it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
6 * the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the license, or
7 * (at your option) any later version.
8 *
9 * This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12 * GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
13 *
14 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
15 * along with this library.  If not, see <>.
16 */
18// generated automatically - do not change
21module gi.gobject;
23import std.stdio;
24import gi.gobjecttypes;
27__gshared extern(C)
30        // gobject.Binding
32        GType g_binding_get_type();
33        GBindingFlags g_binding_get_flags(GBinding* binding);
34        GObject* g_binding_get_source(GBinding* binding);
35        const(char)* g_binding_get_source_property(GBinding* binding);
36        GObject* g_binding_get_target(GBinding* binding);
37        const(char)* g_binding_get_target_property(GBinding* binding);
38        void g_binding_unbind(GBinding* binding);
40        // gobject.CClosure
42        void g_cclosure_marshal_BOOLEAN__BOXED_BOXED(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
43        void g_cclosure_marshal_BOOLEAN__BOXED_BOXEDv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
44        void g_cclosure_marshal_BOOLEAN__FLAGS(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
45        void g_cclosure_marshal_BOOLEAN__FLAGSv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
46        void g_cclosure_marshal_STRING__OBJECT_POINTER(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
47        void g_cclosure_marshal_STRING__OBJECT_POINTERv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
48        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__BOOLEAN(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
49        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__BOOLEANv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
50        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__BOXED(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
51        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__BOXEDv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
52        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__CHAR(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
53        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__CHARv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
54        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__DOUBLE(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
55        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__DOUBLEv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
56        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__ENUM(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
57        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__ENUMv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
58        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__FLAGS(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
59        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__FLAGSv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
60        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__FLOAT(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
61        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__FLOATv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
62        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__INT(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
63        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__INTv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
64        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__LONG(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
65        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__LONGv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
66        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECT(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
67        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__OBJECTv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
68        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__PARAM(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
69        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__PARAMv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
70        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__POINTER(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
71        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__POINTERv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
72        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__STRING(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
73        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__STRINGv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
74        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UCHAR(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
75        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UCHARv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
76        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UINT(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
77        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UINT_POINTER(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
78        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UINT_POINTERv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
79        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__UINTv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
80        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__ULONG(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
81        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__ULONGv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
82        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VARIANT(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
83        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VARIANTv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
84        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
85        void g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOIDv(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* args, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
86        void g_cclosure_marshal_generic(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnGvalue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint, void* marshalData);
87        void g_cclosure_marshal_generic_va(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, void* instanc, void* argsList, void* marshalData, int nParams, GType* paramTypes);
88        GClosure* g_cclosure_new(GCallback callbackFunc, void* userData, GClosureNotify destroyData);
89        GClosure* g_cclosure_new_object(GCallback callbackFunc, GObject* object);
90        GClosure* g_cclosure_new_object_swap(GCallback callbackFunc, GObject* object);
91        GClosure* g_cclosure_new_swap(GCallback callbackFunc, void* userData, GClosureNotify destroyData);
93        // gobject.Closure
95        GType g_closure_get_type();
96        GClosure* g_closure_new_object(uint sizeofClosure, GObject* object);
97        GClosure* g_closure_new_simple(uint sizeofClosure, void* data);
98        void g_closure_add_finalize_notifier(GClosure* closure, void* notifyData, GClosureNotify notifyFunc);
99        void g_closure_add_invalidate_notifier(GClosure* closure, void* notifyData, GClosureNotify notifyFunc);
100        void g_closure_add_marshal_guards(GClosure* closure, void* preMarshalData, GClosureNotify preMarshalNotify, void* postMarshalData, GClosureNotify postMarshalNotify);
101        void g_closure_invalidate(GClosure* closure);
102        void g_closure_invoke(GClosure* closure, GValue* returnValue, uint nParamValues, GValue* paramValues, void* invocationHint);
103        GClosure* g_closure_ref(GClosure* closure);
104        void g_closure_remove_finalize_notifier(GClosure* closure, void* notifyData, GClosureNotify notifyFunc);
105        void g_closure_remove_invalidate_notifier(GClosure* closure, void* notifyData, GClosureNotify notifyFunc);
106        void g_closure_set_marshal(GClosure* closure, GClosureMarshal marshal);
107        void g_closure_set_meta_marshal(GClosure* closure, void* marshalData, GClosureMarshal metaMarshal);
108        void g_closure_sink(GClosure* closure);
109        void g_closure_unref(GClosure* closure);
110        void g_source_set_closure(GSource* source, GClosure* closure);
111        void g_source_set_dummy_callback(GSource* source);
113        // gobject.ObjectG
115        GType g_initially_unowned_get_type();
116        GObject* g_object_new_valist(GType objectType, const(char)* firstPropertyName, void* varArgs);
117        void* g_object_newv(GType objectType, uint nParameters, GParameter* parameters);
118        size_t g_object_compat_control(size_t what, void* data);
119        void* g_object_connect(void* object, const(char)* signalSpec, ... );
120        void g_object_disconnect(void* object, const(char)* signalSpec, ... );
121        void g_object_get(void* object, const(char)* firstPropertyName, ... );
122        GParamSpec* g_object_interface_find_property(void* gIface, const(char)* propertyName);
123        void g_object_interface_install_property(void* gIface, GParamSpec* pspec);
124        GParamSpec** g_object_interface_list_properties(void* gIface, uint* nPropertiesP);
125        void* g_object_new(GType objectType, const(char)* firstPropertyName, ... );
126        void g_object_set(void* object, const(char)* firstPropertyName, ... );
127        void g_object_add_toggle_ref(GObject* object, GToggleNotify notify, void* data);
128        void g_object_add_weak_pointer(GObject* object, void** weakPointerLocation);
129        GBinding* g_object_bind_property(void* source, const(char)* sourceProperty, void* target, const(char)* targetProperty, GBindingFlags flags);
130        GBinding* g_object_bind_property_full(void* source, const(char)* sourceProperty, void* target, const(char)* targetProperty, GBindingFlags flags, GBindingTransformFunc transformTo, GBindingTransformFunc transformFrom, void* userData, GDestroyNotify notify);
131        GBinding* g_object_bind_property_with_closures(void* source, const(char)* sourceProperty, void* target, const(char)* targetProperty, GBindingFlags flags, GClosure* transformTo, GClosure* transformFrom);
132        void* g_object_dup_data(GObject* object, const(char)* key, GDuplicateFunc dupFunc, void* userData);
133        void* g_object_dup_qdata(GObject* object, GQuark quark, GDuplicateFunc dupFunc, void* userData);
134        void g_object_force_floating(GObject* object);
135        void g_object_freeze_notify(GObject* object);
136        void* g_object_get_data(GObject* object, const(char)* key);
137        void g_object_get_property(GObject* object, const(char)* propertyName, GValue* value);
138        void* g_object_get_qdata(GObject* object, GQuark quark);
139        void g_object_get_valist(GObject* object, const(char)* firstPropertyName, void* varArgs);
140        int g_object_is_floating(void* object);
141        void g_object_notify(GObject* object, const(char)* propertyName);
142        void g_object_notify_by_pspec(GObject* object, GParamSpec* pspec);
143        void* g_object_ref(void* object);
144        void* g_object_ref_sink(void* object);
145        void g_object_remove_toggle_ref(GObject* object, GToggleNotify notify, void* data);
146        void g_object_remove_weak_pointer(GObject* object, void** weakPointerLocation);
147        int g_object_replace_data(GObject* object, const(char)* key, void* oldval, void* newval, GDestroyNotify destroy, GDestroyNotify* oldDestroy);
148        int g_object_replace_qdata(GObject* object, GQuark quark, void* oldval, void* newval, GDestroyNotify destroy, GDestroyNotify* oldDestroy);
149        void g_object_run_dispose(GObject* object);
150        void g_object_set_data(GObject* object, const(char)* key, void* data);
151        void g_object_set_data_full(GObject* object, const(char)* key, void* data, GDestroyNotify destroy);
152        void g_object_set_property(GObject* object, const(char)* propertyName, GValue* value);
153        void g_object_set_qdata(GObject* object, GQuark quark, void* data);
154        void g_object_set_qdata_full(GObject* object, GQuark quark, void* data, GDestroyNotify destroy);
155        void g_object_set_valist(GObject* object, const(char)* firstPropertyName, void* varArgs);
156        void* g_object_steal_data(GObject* object, const(char)* key);
157        void* g_object_steal_qdata(GObject* object, GQuark quark);
158        void g_object_thaw_notify(GObject* object);
159        void g_object_unref(void* object);
160        void g_object_watch_closure(GObject* object, GClosure* closure);
161        void g_object_weak_ref(GObject* object, GWeakNotify notify, void* data);
162        void g_object_weak_unref(GObject* object, GWeakNotify notify, void* data);
163        void g_clear_object(GObject** objectPtr);
165        // gobject.ObjectClass
167        GParamSpec* g_object_class_find_property(GObjectClass* oclass, const(char)* propertyName);
168        void g_object_class_install_properties(GObjectClass* oclass, uint nPspecs, GParamSpec** pspecs);
169        void g_object_class_install_property(GObjectClass* oclass, uint propertyId, GParamSpec* pspec);
170        GParamSpec** g_object_class_list_properties(GObjectClass* oclass, uint* nProperties);
171        void g_object_class_override_property(GObjectClass* oclass, uint propertyId, const(char)* name);
173        // gobject.ParamSpec
175        void* g_param_spec_internal(GType paramType, const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GParamFlags flags);
176        const(char)* g_param_spec_get_blurb(GParamSpec* pspec);
177        GValue* g_param_spec_get_default_value(GParamSpec* pspec);
178        const(char)* g_param_spec_get_name(GParamSpec* pspec);
179        GQuark g_param_spec_get_name_quark(GParamSpec* pspec);
180        const(char)* g_param_spec_get_nick(GParamSpec* pspec);
181        void* g_param_spec_get_qdata(GParamSpec* pspec, GQuark quark);
182        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_get_redirect_target(GParamSpec* pspec);
183        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_ref(GParamSpec* pspec);
184        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_ref_sink(GParamSpec* pspec);
185        void g_param_spec_set_qdata(GParamSpec* pspec, GQuark quark, void* data);
186        void g_param_spec_set_qdata_full(GParamSpec* pspec, GQuark quark, void* data, GDestroyNotify destroy);
187        void g_param_spec_sink(GParamSpec* pspec);
188        void* g_param_spec_steal_qdata(GParamSpec* pspec, GQuark quark);
189        void g_param_spec_unref(GParamSpec* pspec);
190        GType g_param_type_register_static(const(char)* name, GParamSpecTypeInfo* pspecInfo);
191        int g_param_value_convert(GParamSpec* pspec, GValue* srcValue, GValue* destValue, int strictValidation);
192        int g_param_value_defaults(GParamSpec* pspec, GValue* value);
193        void g_param_value_set_default(GParamSpec* pspec, GValue* value);
194        int g_param_value_validate(GParamSpec* pspec, GValue* value);
195        int g_param_values_cmp(GParamSpec* pspec, GValue* value1, GValue* value2);
197        // gobject.ParamSpecPool
199        void g_param_spec_pool_insert(GParamSpecPool* pool, GParamSpec* pspec, GType ownerType);
200        GParamSpec** g_param_spec_pool_list(GParamSpecPool* pool, GType ownerType, uint* nPspecsP);
201        GList* g_param_spec_pool_list_owned(GParamSpecPool* pool, GType ownerType);
202        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_pool_lookup(GParamSpecPool* pool, const(char)* paramName, GType ownerType, int walkAncestors);
203        void g_param_spec_pool_remove(GParamSpecPool* pool, GParamSpec* pspec);
204        GParamSpecPool* g_param_spec_pool_new(int typePrefixing);
206        // gobject.TypeClass
208        void* g_type_class_get_private(GTypeClass* klass, GType privateType);
209        void* g_type_class_peek_parent(void* gClass);
210        void g_type_class_unref(void* gClass);
211        void g_type_class_unref_uncached(void* gClass);
212        void g_type_class_add_private(void* gClass, size_t privateSize);
213        void g_type_class_adjust_private_offset(void* gClass, int* privateSizeOrOffset);
214        int g_type_class_get_instance_private_offset(void* gClass);
215        void* g_type_class_peek(GType type);
216        void* g_type_class_peek_static(GType type);
217        void* g_type_class_ref(GType type);
219        // gobject.TypeInstance
221        void* g_type_instance_get_private(GTypeInstance* instanc, GType privateType);
223        // gobject.TypeInterface
225        void* g_type_interface_peek_parent(void* gIface);
226        void g_type_interface_add_prerequisite(GType interfaceType, GType prerequisiteType);
227        GTypePlugin* g_type_interface_get_plugin(GType instanceType, GType interfaceType);
228        void* g_type_interface_peek(void* instanceClass, GType ifaceType);
229        GType* g_type_interface_prerequisites(GType interfaceType, uint* nPrerequisites);
231        // gobject.TypeModule
233        GType g_type_module_get_type();
234        void g_type_module_add_interface(GTypeModule* modul, GType instanceType, GType interfaceType, GInterfaceInfo* interfaceInfo);
235        GType g_type_module_register_enum(GTypeModule* modul, const(char)* name, GEnumValue* constStaticValues);
236        GType g_type_module_register_flags(GTypeModule* modul, const(char)* name, GFlagsValue* constStaticValues);
237        GType g_type_module_register_type(GTypeModule* modul, GType parentType, const(char)* typeName, GTypeInfo* typeInfo, GTypeFlags flags);
238        void g_type_module_set_name(GTypeModule* modul, const(char)* name);
239        void g_type_module_unuse(GTypeModule* modul);
240        int g_type_module_use(GTypeModule* modul);
242        // gobject.TypePlugin
244        GType g_type_plugin_get_type();
245        void g_type_plugin_complete_interface_info(GTypePlugin* plugin, GType instanceType, GType interfaceType, GInterfaceInfo* info);
246        void g_type_plugin_complete_type_info(GTypePlugin* plugin, GType gType, GTypeInfo* info, GTypeValueTable* valueTable);
247        void g_type_plugin_unuse(GTypePlugin* plugin);
248        void g_type_plugin_use(GTypePlugin* plugin);
250        // gobject.TypeValueTable
252        GTypeValueTable* g_type_value_table_peek(GType type);
254        // gobject.Value
256        GType g_value_get_type();
257        void g_value_copy(GValue* srcValue, GValue* destValue);
258        void* g_value_dup_boxed(GValue* value);
259        void* g_value_dup_object(GValue* value);
260        GParamSpec* g_value_dup_param(GValue* value);
261        char* g_value_dup_string(GValue* value);
262        GVariant* g_value_dup_variant(GValue* value);
263        int g_value_fits_pointer(GValue* value);
264        int g_value_get_boolean(GValue* value);
265        void* g_value_get_boxed(GValue* value);
266        char g_value_get_char(GValue* value);
267        double g_value_get_double(GValue* value);
268        int g_value_get_enum(GValue* value);
269        uint g_value_get_flags(GValue* value);
270        float g_value_get_float(GValue* value);
271        GType g_value_get_gtype(GValue* value);
272        int g_value_get_int(GValue* value);
273        long g_value_get_int64(GValue* value);
274        glong g_value_get_long(GValue* value);
275        void* g_value_get_object(GValue* value);
276        GParamSpec* g_value_get_param(GValue* value);
277        void* g_value_get_pointer(GValue* value);
278        byte g_value_get_schar(GValue* value);
279        const(char)* g_value_get_string(GValue* value);
280        char g_value_get_uchar(GValue* value);
281        uint g_value_get_uint(GValue* value);
282        ulong g_value_get_uint64(GValue* value);
283        gulong g_value_get_ulong(GValue* value);
284        GVariant* g_value_get_variant(GValue* value);
285        GValue* g_value_init(GValue* value, GType gType);
286        void g_value_init_from_instance(GValue* value, void* instanc);
287        void* g_value_peek_pointer(GValue* value);
288        GValue* g_value_reset(GValue* value);
289        void g_value_set_boolean(GValue* value, int vBoolean);
290        void g_value_set_boxed(GValue* value, void* vBoxed);
291        void g_value_set_boxed_take_ownership(GValue* value, void* vBoxed);
292        void g_value_set_char(GValue* value, char vChar);
293        void g_value_set_double(GValue* value, double vDouble);
294        void g_value_set_enum(GValue* value, int vEnum);
295        void g_value_set_flags(GValue* value, uint vFlags);
296        void g_value_set_float(GValue* value, float vFloat);
297        void g_value_set_gtype(GValue* value, GType vGtype);
298        void g_value_set_instance(GValue* value, void* instanc);
299        void g_value_set_int(GValue* value, int vInt);
300        void g_value_set_int64(GValue* value, long vInt64);
301        void g_value_set_long(GValue* value, glong vLong);
302        void g_value_set_object(GValue* value, void* vObject);
303        void g_value_set_object_take_ownership(GValue* value, void* vObject);
304        void g_value_set_param(GValue* value, GParamSpec* param);
305        void g_value_set_param_take_ownership(GValue* value, GParamSpec* param);
306        void g_value_set_pointer(GValue* value, void* vPointer);
307        void g_value_set_schar(GValue* value, byte vChar);
308        void g_value_set_static_boxed(GValue* value, void* vBoxed);
309        void g_value_set_static_string(GValue* value, const(char)* vString);
310        void g_value_set_string(GValue* value, const(char)* vString);
311        void g_value_set_string_take_ownership(GValue* value, char* vString);
312        void g_value_set_uchar(GValue* value, char vUchar);
313        void g_value_set_uint(GValue* value, uint vUint);
314        void g_value_set_uint64(GValue* value, ulong vUint64);
315        void g_value_set_ulong(GValue* value, gulong vUlong);
316        void g_value_set_variant(GValue* value, GVariant* variant);
317        void g_value_take_boxed(GValue* value, void* vBoxed);
318        void g_value_take_object(GValue* value, void* vObject);
319        void g_value_take_param(GValue* value, GParamSpec* param);
320        void g_value_take_string(GValue* value, char* vString);
321        void g_value_take_variant(GValue* value, GVariant* variant);
322        int g_value_transform(GValue* srcValue, GValue* destValue);
323        void g_value_unset(GValue* value);
324        void g_value_register_transform_func(GType srcType, GType destType, GValueTransform transformFunc);
325        int g_value_type_compatible(GType srcType, GType destType);
326        int g_value_type_transformable(GType srcType, GType destType);
327        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_boolean(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, int defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
328        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_boxed(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType boxedType, GParamFlags flags);
329        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_char(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, byte minimum, byte maximum, byte defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
330        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_double(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, double minimum, double maximum, double defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
331        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_enum(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType enumType, int defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
332        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_flags(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType flagsType, uint defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
333        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_float(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, float minimum, float maximum, float defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
334        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_gtype(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType isAType, GParamFlags flags);
335        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_int(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, int minimum, int maximum, int defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
336        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_int64(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, long minimum, long maximum, long defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
337        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_long(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, glong minimum, glong maximum, glong defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
338        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_object(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType objectType, GParamFlags flags);
339        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_override(const(char)* name, GParamSpec* overridden);
340        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_param(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GType paramType, GParamFlags flags);
341        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_pointer(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GParamFlags flags);
342        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_string(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, const(char)* defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
343        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_uchar(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, ubyte minimum, ubyte maximum, ubyte defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
344        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_uint(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, uint minimum, uint maximum, uint defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
345        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_uint64(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, ulong minimum, ulong maximum, ulong defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
346        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_ulong(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, gulong minimum, gulong maximum, gulong defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
347        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_unichar(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, dchar defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
348        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_value_array(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GParamSpec* elementSpec, GParamFlags flags);
349        GParamSpec* g_param_spec_variant(const(char)* name, const(char)* nick, const(char)* blurb, GVariantType* type, GVariant* defaultValue, GParamFlags flags);
350        char* g_strdup_value_contents(GValue* value);
352        // gobject.ValueArray
354        GType g_value_array_get_type();
355        GValueArray* g_value_array_new(uint nPrealloced);
356        GValueArray* g_value_array_append(GValueArray* valueArray, GValue* value);
357        GValueArray* g_value_array_copy(GValueArray* valueArray);
358        void g_value_array_free(GValueArray* valueArray);
359        GValue* g_value_array_get_nth(GValueArray* valueArray, uint index);
360        GValueArray* g_value_array_insert(GValueArray* valueArray, uint index, GValue* value);
361        GValueArray* g_value_array_prepend(GValueArray* valueArray, GValue* value);
362        GValueArray* g_value_array_remove(GValueArray* valueArray, uint index);
363        GValueArray* g_value_array_sort(GValueArray* valueArray, GCompareFunc compareFunc);
364        GValueArray* g_value_array_sort_with_data(GValueArray* valueArray, GCompareDataFunc compareFunc, void* userData);
366        // gobject.WeakRef
368        void g_weak_ref_clear(GWeakRef* weakRef);
369        void* g_weak_ref_get(GWeakRef* weakRef);
370        void g_weak_ref_init(GWeakRef* weakRef, void* object);
371        void g_weak_ref_set(GWeakRef* weakRef, void* object);
373        // gobject.Signals
375        int g_signal_accumulator_first_wins(GSignalInvocationHint* ihint, GValue* returnAccu, GValue* handlerReturn, void* dummy);
376        int g_signal_accumulator_true_handled(GSignalInvocationHint* ihint, GValue* returnAccu, GValue* handlerReturn, void* dummy);
377        gulong g_signal_add_emission_hook(uint signalId, GQuark detail, GSignalEmissionHook hookFunc, void* hookData, GDestroyNotify dataDestroy);
378        void g_signal_chain_from_overridden(GValue* instanceAndParams, GValue* returnValue);
379        void g_signal_chain_from_overridden_handler(void* instanc, ... );
380        gulong g_signal_connect_closure(void* instanc, const(char)* detailedSignal, GClosure* closure, int after);
381        gulong g_signal_connect_closure_by_id(void* instanc, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GClosure* closure, int after);
382        gulong g_signal_connect_data(void* instanc, const(char)* detailedSignal, GCallback cHandler, void* data, GClosureNotify destroyData, GConnectFlags connectFlags);
383        gulong g_signal_connect_object(void* instanc, const(char)* detailedSignal, GCallback cHandler, void* gobject, GConnectFlags connectFlags);
384        void g_signal_emit(void* instanc, uint signalId, GQuark detail, ... );
385        void g_signal_emit_by_name(void* instanc, const(char)* detailedSignal, ... );
386        void g_signal_emit_valist(void* instanc, uint signalId, GQuark detail, void* varArgs);
387        void g_signal_emitv(GValue* instanceAndParams, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GValue* returnValue);
388        GSignalInvocationHint* g_signal_get_invocation_hint(void* instanc);
389        void g_signal_handler_block(void* instanc, gulong handlerId);
390        void g_signal_handler_disconnect(void* instanc, gulong handlerId);
391        gulong g_signal_handler_find(void* instanc, GSignalMatchType mask, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GClosure* closure, void* func, void* data);
392        int g_signal_handler_is_connected(void* instanc, gulong handlerId);
393        void g_signal_handler_unblock(void* instanc, gulong handlerId);
394        uint g_signal_handlers_block_matched(void* instanc, GSignalMatchType mask, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GClosure* closure, void* func, void* data);
395        void g_signal_handlers_destroy(void* instanc);
396        uint g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched(void* instanc, GSignalMatchType mask, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GClosure* closure, void* func, void* data);
397        uint g_signal_handlers_unblock_matched(void* instanc, GSignalMatchType mask, uint signalId, GQuark detail, GClosure* closure, void* func, void* data);
398        int g_signal_has_handler_pending(void* instanc, uint signalId, GQuark detail, int mayBeBlocked);
399        uint* g_signal_list_ids(GType itype, uint* nIds);
400        uint g_signal_lookup(const(char)* name, GType itype);
401        const(char)* g_signal_name(uint signalId);
402        uint g_signal_new(const(char)* signalName, GType itype, GSignalFlags signalFlags, uint classOffset, GSignalAccumulator accumulator, void* accuData, GSignalCMarshaller cMarshaller, GType returnType, uint nParams, ... );
403        uint g_signal_new_class_handler(const(char)* signalName, GType itype, GSignalFlags signalFlags, GCallback classHandler, GSignalAccumulator accumulator, void* accuData, GSignalCMarshaller cMarshaller, GType returnType, uint nParams, ... );
404        uint g_signal_new_valist(const(char)* signalName, GType itype, GSignalFlags signalFlags, GClosure* classClosure, GSignalAccumulator accumulator, void* accuData, GSignalCMarshaller cMarshaller, GType returnType, uint nParams, void* args);
405        uint g_signal_newv(const(char)* signalName, GType itype, GSignalFlags signalFlags, GClosure* classClosure, GSignalAccumulator accumulator, void* accuData, GSignalCMarshaller cMarshaller, GType returnType, uint nParams, GType* paramTypes);
406        void g_signal_override_class_closure(uint signalId, GType instanceType, GClosure* classClosure);
407        void g_signal_override_class_handler(const(char)* signalName, GType instanceType, GCallback classHandler);
408        int g_signal_parse_name(const(char)* detailedSignal, GType itype, uint* signalIdP, GQuark* detailP, int forceDetailQuark);
409        void g_signal_query(uint signalId, GSignalQuery* query);
410        void g_signal_remove_emission_hook(uint signalId, gulong hookId);
411        void g_signal_set_va_marshaller(uint signalId, GType instanceType, GSignalCVaMarshaller vaMarshaller);
412        void g_signal_stop_emission(void* instanc, uint signalId, GQuark detail);
413        void g_signal_stop_emission_by_name(void* instanc, const(char)* detailedSignal);
414        GClosure* g_signal_type_cclosure_new(GType itype, uint structOffset);
416        // gobject.Type
418        void g_type_add_class_cache_func(void* cacheData, GTypeClassCacheFunc cacheFunc);
419        void g_type_add_class_private(GType classType, size_t privateSize);
420        int g_type_add_instance_private(GType classType, size_t privateSize);
421        void g_type_add_interface_check(void* checkData, GTypeInterfaceCheckFunc checkFunc);
422        void g_type_add_interface_dynamic(GType instanceType, GType interfaceType, GTypePlugin* plugin);
423        void g_type_add_interface_static(GType instanceType, GType interfaceType, GInterfaceInfo* info);
424        GTypeClass* g_type_check_class_cast(GTypeClass* gClass, GType isAType);
425        int g_type_check_class_is_a(GTypeClass* gClass, GType isAType);
426        int g_type_check_instance(GTypeInstance* instanc);
427        GTypeInstance* g_type_check_instance_cast(GTypeInstance* instanc, GType ifaceType);
428        int g_type_check_instance_is_a(GTypeInstance* instanc, GType ifaceType);
429        int g_type_check_instance_is_fundamentally_a(GTypeInstance* instanc, GType fundamentalType);
430        int g_type_check_is_value_type(GType type);
431        int g_type_check_value(GValue* value);
432        int g_type_check_value_holds(GValue* value, GType type);
433        GType* g_type_children(GType type, uint* nChildren);
434        GTypeInstance* g_type_create_instance(GType type);
435        void* g_type_default_interface_peek(GType gType);
436        void* g_type_default_interface_ref(GType gType);
437        void g_type_default_interface_unref(void* gIface);
438        uint g_type_depth(GType type);
439        void g_type_ensure(GType type);
440        void g_type_free_instance(GTypeInstance* instanc);
441        GType g_type_from_name(const(char)* name);
442        GType g_type_fundamental(GType typeId);
443        GType g_type_fundamental_next();
444        GTypePlugin* g_type_get_plugin(GType type);
445        void* g_type_get_qdata(GType type, GQuark quark);
446        uint g_type_get_type_registration_serial();
447        void g_type_init();
448        void g_type_init_with_debug_flags(GTypeDebugFlags debugFlags);
449        GType* g_type_interfaces(GType type, uint* nInterfaces);
450        int g_type_is_a(GType type, GType isAType);
451        const(char)* g_type_name(GType type);
452        const(char)* g_type_name_from_class(GTypeClass* gClass);
453        const(char)* g_type_name_from_instance(GTypeInstance* instanc);
454        GType g_type_next_base(GType leafType, GType rootType);
455        GType g_type_parent(GType type);
456        GQuark g_type_qname(GType type);
457        void g_type_query(GType type, GTypeQuery* query);
458        GType g_type_register_dynamic(GType parentType, const(char)* typeName, GTypePlugin* plugin, GTypeFlags flags);
459        GType g_type_register_fundamental(GType typeId, const(char)* typeName, GTypeInfo* info, GTypeFundamentalInfo* finfo, GTypeFlags flags);
460        GType g_type_register_static(GType parentType, const(char)* typeName, GTypeInfo* info, GTypeFlags flags);
461        GType g_type_register_static_simple(GType parentType, const(char)* typeName, uint classSize, GClassInitFunc classInit, uint instanceSize, GInstanceInitFunc instanceInit, GTypeFlags flags);
462        void g_type_remove_class_cache_func(void* cacheData, GTypeClassCacheFunc cacheFunc);
463        void g_type_remove_interface_check(void* checkData, GTypeInterfaceCheckFunc checkFunc);
464        void g_type_set_qdata(GType type, GQuark quark, void* data);
465        int g_type_test_flags(GType type, uint flags);
467        // gobject.Boxed
469        void* g_boxed_copy(GType boxedType, void* srcBoxed);
470        void g_boxed_free(GType boxedType, void* boxed);
471        GType g_boxed_type_register_static(const(char)* name, GBoxedCopyFunc boxedCopy, GBoxedFreeFunc boxedFree);
472        GType g_pointer_type_register_static(const(char)* name);
474        // gobject.Enums
476        void g_enum_complete_type_info(GType gEnumType, GTypeInfo* info, GEnumValue* constValues);
477        GEnumValue* g_enum_get_value(GEnumClass* enumClass, int value);
478        GEnumValue* g_enum_get_value_by_name(GEnumClass* enumClass, const(char)* name);
479        GEnumValue* g_enum_get_value_by_nick(GEnumClass* enumClass, const(char)* nick);
480        GType g_enum_register_static(const(char)* name, GEnumValue* constStaticValues);
482        // gobject.Flags
484        void g_flags_complete_type_info(GType gFlagsType, GTypeInfo* info, GFlagsValue* constValues);
485        GFlagsValue* g_flags_get_first_value(GFlagsClass* flagsClass, uint value);
486        GFlagsValue* g_flags_get_value_by_name(GFlagsClass* flagsClass, const(char)* name);
487        GFlagsValue* g_flags_get_value_by_nick(GFlagsClass* flagsClass, const(char)* nick);
488        GType g_flags_register_static(const(char)* name, GFlagsValue* constStaticValues);
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