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2# Copyright (c) 2004, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
3# ORACLE PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL. Use is subject to license terms.
6error.internal.badmsg=internal error, unknown message
7error.badinst.nojre=Bad installation. No JRE found in configuration file
8error.launch.execv=Error encountered while invoking Java Web Start (execv)
9error.launch.sysexec=Error encountered while invoking Java Web Start (SysExec)
10error.listener.failed=Splash: sysCreateListenerSocket failed
11error.accept.failed=Splash: accept failed
12error.recv.failed=Splash: recv failed
13error.invalid.port=Splash: didn't revive a valid port past end of buffer
15error.xmlparsing=XML Parsing error: wrong kind of token found
16error.splash.exit=Java Web Start splash screen process exiting .....\n
17# "Last WinSock Error" means the error message for the last operation that failed.
18error.winsock=\tLast WinSock Error:
19error.winsock.load=Couldn't load winsock.dll
20error.winsock.start=WSAStartup failed
21error.badinst.nohome=Bad installation: JAVAWS_HOME not set
22error.splash.noimage=Splash: couldn't load splash screen image
23error.splash.socket=Splash: server socket failed
24error.splash.cmnd=Splash: unrecognized command
25error.splash.port=Splash: port not specified
26error.splash.send=Splash: send failed
27error.splash.timer=Splash: couldn't create shutdown timer Can't open X11 display
29error.splash.x11.connect=Splash: X11 connection failed
30# Javaws usage: '\' is a joining of two sentence,which are connected including
31# the invisible character '\n'.
33Usage:\tjavaws [run-options] <jnlp-file>        \n\
34      \tjavaws [control-options]                \n\
35                                                \n\
36where run-options include:                      \n\
37  -verbose       \tdisplay additional output    \n\
38  -offline       \trun the application in offline mode  \n\
39  -system        \trun the application from the system cache only\n\
40  -Xnosplash     \trun without showing a splash screen  \n\
41  -J<option>     \tsupply option to the vm      \n\
42  -wait          \tstart java process and wait for its exit     \n\
43        \n\
44control-options include:        \n\
45  -viewer        \tshow the cache viewer in the java control panel\n\
46  -clearcache    \tremove all non-installed applications from the cache\n\
47  -uninstall     \tremove all applications from the cache\n\
48  -uninstall <jnlp-file>              \tremove the application from the cache   \n\
49  -import [import-options] <jnlp-file>\timport the application to the cache             \n\
50                                                                        \n\
51import-options include:                                         \n\
52  -silent        \timport silently (with no user interface)     \n\
53  -system        \timport application into the system cache     \n\
54  -codebase <url>\tretrieve resources from the given codebase   \n\
55  -shortcut      \tinstall shortcuts as if user allowed prompt  \n\
56  -association   \tinstall associations as if user allowed prompt       \n\
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