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1Thank you for creating a pull request to contribute to Adafruit's GitHub code!
2Before you open the request please review the following guidelines and tips to
3help it be more easily integrated:
5- **Describe the scope of your change--i.e. what the change does and what parts
6  of the code were modified.**  This will help us understand any risks of integrating
7  the code.
9- **Describe any known limitations with your change.**  For example if the change
10  doesn't apply to a supported platform of the library please mention it.
12- **Please run any tests or examples that can exercise your modified code.**  We
13  strive to not break users of the code and running tests/examples helps with this
14  process.
16Thank you again for contributing!  We will try to test and integrate the change
17as soon as we can, but be aware we have many GitHub repositories to manage and
18can't immediately respond to every request.  There is no need to bump or check in
19on a pull request (it will clutter the discussion of the request).
21Also don't be worried if the request is closed or not integrated--sometimes the
22priorities of Adafruit's GitHub code (education, ease of use) might not match the
23priorities of the pull request.  Don't fret, the open source community thrives on
24forks and GitHub makes it easy to keep your changes in a forked repo.
26After reviewing the guidelines above you can delete this text from the pull request.
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.