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2componentName:  default
4# This selects between different welcome texts. When false, uses
5# the traditional "Welcome to the %1 installer.", and when true,
6# uses "Welcome to the Calamares installer for %1." This allows
7# to distinguish this installer from other installers for the
8# same distribution.
9welcomeStyleCalamares:   false
11# These are strings shown to the user in the user interface.
12# There is no provision for translating them -- since they
13# are names, the string is included as-is.
15# The four Url strings are the Urls used by the buttons in
16# the welcome screen, and are not shown to the user. Clicking
17# on the "Support" button, for instance, opens the link supportUrl.
18# If a Url is empty, the corresponding button is not shown.
20# bootloaderEntryName is how this installation / distro is named
21# in the boot loader (e.g. in the GRUB menu).
23    productName:         Generic GNU/Linux
24    shortProductName:    Generic
25    version:             2017.8 LTS
26    shortVersion:        2017.8
27    versionedName:       Generic GNU/Linux 2017.8 LTS "Soapy Sousaphone"
28    shortVersionedName:  Generic 2017.8
29    bootloaderEntryName: Generic
30    productUrl:
31    supportUrl:
32    knownIssuesUrl:
33    releaseNotesUrl:
35# Should the welcome image (productWelcome, below) be scaled
36# up beyond its natural size? If false, the image does not grow
37# with the window but remains the same size throughout (this
38# may have surprising effects on HiDPI monitors).
39welcomeExpandingLogo:   true
41# These images are loaded from the branding module directory.
43# productIcon is used as the window icon, and will (usually) be used
44#       by the window manager to represent the application. This image
45#       should be square, and may be displayed by the window manager
46#       as small as 16x16 (but possibly larger).
47# productLogo is used as the logo at the top of the left-hand column
48#       which shows the steps to be taken. The image should be square,
49#       and is displayed at 80x80 pixels (also on HiDPI).
50# productWelcome is shown on the welcome page of the application in
51#       the middle of the window, below the welcome text. It can be
52#       any size and proportion, and will be scaled to fit inside
53#       the window. Use `welcomeExpandingLogo` to make it non-scaled.
54#       Recommended size is 320x150.
56    productLogo:         "squid.png"
57    productIcon:         "squid.png"
58    productWelcome:      "languages.png"
60# The slideshow is displayed during execution steps (e.g. when the
61# installer is actually writing to disk and doing other slow things).
62slideshow:               "show.qml"
64# Colors for text and background components.
66#  - sidebarBackground is the background of the sidebar
67#  - sidebarText is the (foreground) text color
68#  - sidebarTextHighlight sets the background of the selected (current) step.
69#    Optional, and defaults to the application palette.
70#  - sidebarSelect is the text color of the selected step.
73   sidebarBackground:    "#292F34"
74   sidebarText:          "#FFFFFF"
75   sidebarTextSelect:    "#292F34"
76   sidebarTextHighlight: "#D35400"
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