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2# Define which bootloader you want to use for EFI installations
3# Possible options are 'grub' and 'systemd-boot'.
4efiBootLoader: "grub"
6# systemd-boot configuration files settings, set kernel and initramfs file names
7# and amount of time before default selection boots
8kernel: "/vmlinuz-linux"
9img: "/initramfs-linux.img"
10fallback: "/initramfs-linux-fallback.img"
11timeout: "10"
12# Optionally set the menu entry name and kernel name to use in systemd-boot.
13# If not specified here, these settings will be taken from branding.desc.
14# bootloaderEntryName: "Generic GNU/Linux"
15# kernelLine: ", with Stable-Kernel"
16# fallbackKernelLine:  ", with Stable-Kernel (fallback initramfs)"
18# GRUB 2 binary names and boot directory
19# Some distributions (e.g. Fedora) use grub2-* (resp. /boot/grub2/) names.
20grubInstall: "grub-install"
21grubMkconfig: "grub-mkconfig"
22grubCfg: "/boot/grub/grub.cfg"
24# Optionally set the bootloader ID to use for EFI. This is passed to
25# grub-install --bootloader-id.
27# If not set here, the value from bootloaderEntryName from branding.desc
28# is used, with problematic characters (space and slash) replaced.
30# The ID is also used as a directory name within the EFI environment,
31# and the bootloader is copied from /boot/efi/EFI/<dirname>/ . When
32# setting the option here, take care to use only valid directory
33# names since no sanitizing is done.
35# efiBootloaderId: "dirname"
37# Optionally install a copy of the GRUB EFI bootloader as the EFI
38# fallback loader (either bootia32.efi or bootx64.efi depending on
39# the system). This may be needed on certain systems (Intel DH87MC
40# seems to be the only one). If you set this to false, take care
41# to add another module to optionally install the fallback on those
42# boards that need it.
43installEFIFallback: true
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