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1# Configuration for the contextual process job.
3# Contextual processes are based on **global** configuration values.
4# When a given global value (string) equals a given value, then
5# the associated command is executed.
7# The special top-level keys *dontChroot* and *timeout* have
8# meaning just like in shellprocess.conf. They are excluded from
9# the comparison with global variables.
11# Configuration consists of keys for global variable names (except
12# *dontChroot* and *timeout*), and the sub-keys are strings to compare
13# to the variable's value. If the variable has that particular value, the
14# corresponding value (script) is executed.
16# You can check for an empty value with "".
18# As a special case, the value-check "*" matches any value, but **only**
19# if no other value-check matches. Use it as an *else* form for value-
20# checks. Take care to put the asterisk in quotes. The value-check "*"
21# **also** matches a literal asterisk as value; a confusing corner case
22# is checking for an asterisk **and** having a wildcard match with
23# different commands. This is currently not possible.
25# Global configuration variables are not checked in a deterministic
26# order, so do not rely on commands from one variable-check to
27# always happen before (or after) checks on another
28# variable. Similarly, the value-equality checks are not
29# done in a deterministic order, but all of the value-checks
30# for a given variable happen together. As a special case, the
31# value-check for "*" (the *else* case) happens after all of the
32# other value-checks, and only matches if none of the others do.
34# The values after a value sub-keys are the same kinds of values
35# as can be given to the *script* key in the shellprocess module.
36# See shellprocess.conf for documentation on valid values.
38dontChroot: false
40    efi:
41        -   "-pkg remove efi-firmware"
42        -   command: "-mkinitramfsrd -abgn"
43            timeout: 120  # This is slow
44    bios:   "-pkg remove bios-firmware"
45    "":     "/bin/false no-firmware-type-set"
46    "*":    "/bin/false some-other-firmware-value"
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