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2#The DM module attempts to set up all the DMs found in this list, in that precise order.
3#It also sets up autologin, if the feature is enabled in globalstorage.
4#The displaymanagers list can also be set in globalstorage, and in that case it overrides anything set up here.
6  - slim
7  - sddm
8  - lightdm
9  - gdm
10  - mdm
11  - lxdm
12  - kdm
14#Enable the following settings to force a desktop environment in your displaymanager configuration file:
16#    executable: "startkde"
17#    desktopFile: "plasma"
19#If true, try to ensure that the user, group, /var directory etc. for the
20#display manager are set up correctly. This is normally done by the distribution
21#packages, and best left to them. Therefore, it is disabled by default.
22basicSetup: false
24#If true, setup autologin for openSUSE. This only makes sense on openSUSE
25#derivatives or other systems where /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager exists.
26sysconfigSetup: false
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