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1# Module metadata file for dummycpp job
3# The metadata for C++ (qtplugin) plugins is almost never interesting:
4# the CMakeLists.txt should be using calamares_add_plugin() which will
5# generate the metadata file during the build. Only C++ plugins that
6# have strange settings should have a module.desc (non-C++ plugins,
7# on the other hand, must have one, since they don't have CMakeLists.txt).
9# Syntax is YAML 1.2
11# All four keys are mandatory. For C++ (qtplugin) modules, the interface
12# value must be "qtplugin"; type is one of "job" or "view"; the name
13# is the machine-identifier for the module and the load value should
14# be the filename of the library that contains the implementation.
17type:      "job"
18name:      "dummycpp"
19interface: "qtplugin"
20load:      ""
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