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1# Configuration for the "finished" page, which is usually shown only at
2# the end of the installation (successful or not).
4# The finished page can hold a "restart system now" checkbox.
5# If this is false, no checkbox is shown and the system is not restarted
6# when Calamares exits.
7restartNowEnabled: true
9# Initial state of the checkbox "restart now". Only relevant when the
10# checkbox is shown by restartNowEnabled.
11restartNowChecked: false
13# If the checkbox is shown, and the checkbox is checked, then when
14# Calamares exits from the finished-page it will run this command.
15# If not set, falls back to "shutdown -r now".
16restartNowCommand: "systemctl -i reboot"
18# When the last page is (successfully) reached, send a DBus notification
19# to the desktop that the installation is done. This works only if the
20# user as whom Calamares is run, can reach the regular desktop session bus.
21notifyOnFinished: false
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