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1# Configuration file for License viewmodule, Calamares
2# Syntax is YAML 1.2
4# YAML: list of maps.
6- id:       nvidia      # Entry identifier, must be unique. Not user visible. YAML: string.
7  name:     Nvidia      # Pretty name for the software product, user visible and untranslatable. YAML: string.
8  vendor:   Nvidia Corporation # Pretty name for the software vendor, user visible and untranslatable. YAML: string, optional, default is empty.
9  type:     driver      # Package type for presentation, not user visible but affects user visible strings. YAML: string, allowed values: driver, gpudriver, browserplugin, codec, package, software; optional, default is software.
10  url:  # Url of license text to display in a web view. YAML: string.
11  required: false       # If set to true, the user cannot proceed without accepting this license. YAML: boolean, optional, default is false.
12- id:       amd
13  name:     Catalyst
14  vendor:   "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc."
15  type:     gpudriver
16  url:
17  required: false
18- id:       flashplugin
19  name:     Adobe Flash
20  vendor:   Adobe Systems Incorporated
21  type:     browserplugin
22  url:
23  required: true
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