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2# This is the URL that is retrieved to get the netinstall groups-and-packages
3# data (which should be in the format described in netinstall.yaml), e.g.:
4#   groupsUrl:
5# or it can be a locally installed file:
6#   groupsUrl: file:///usr/share/calamares/netinstall.yaml
7# groupsUrl: file:///usr/share/calamares/netinstall.yaml
9# If the installation can proceed without netinstall (e.g. the Live CD
10# can create a working installed system, but netinstall is preferred
11# to bring it up-to-date or extend functionality) leave this set to
12# false (the default). If set to true, the netinstall data is required.
14# This only has an effect if the netinstall data cannot be retrieved,
15# or is corrupt: having "required" set, means the install cannot proceed.
16required: false
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