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1# Configuration for the preserve-files job
3# The *files* key contains a list of files to preserve. Each element of
4# the list should have one of these forms:
6# - an absolute path (probably within the host system). This will be preserved
7#   as the same path within the target system (chroot). If, globally, dontChroot
8#   is true, then these items are ignored (since the destination is the same
9#   as the source).
10# - a map with a *dest* key. The *dest* value is a path interpreted in the
11#   target system (if dontChroot is true, in the host system). Relative paths
12#   are not recommended. There are two possible other keys in the map:
13#   - *from*, which must have one of the values, below; it is used to
14#     preserve files whose pathname is known to Calamares internally.
15#   - *src*, to refer to a path interpreted in the host system. Relative
16#     paths are not recommended, and are interpreted relative to where
17#     Calamares is being run.
18#   Only one of the two other keys (either *from* or *src*) may be set.
20# The target filename is modified as follows:
21#   - `@@ROOT@@` is replaced by the path to the target root (may be /)
22#   - `@@USER@@` is replaced by the username entered by on the user
23#       page (may be empty, for instance if no user page is enabled)
25# Special values for the key *from* are:
26# - *log*, for the complete log file (up to the moment the preservefiles
27#   module is run),
28# - *config*, for the Calamares configuration file
29# - *globals*, for a JSON dump of the contents of global storage
32  - /etc/oem-information
33  - from: log
34    dest: /root/install.log
35  - from: config
36    dest: /root/install.cfg
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