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1# Configuration for the shell process job.
3# Executes a list of commands found under the key *script*.
4# If the top-level key *dontChroot* is true, then the commands
5# are executed in the context of the live system, otherwise
6# in the context of the target system. In all of the commands,
7# the following substitutions will take place:
8#  - `@@ROOT@@` is replaced by the root mount point of the **target**
9#    system from the point of view of the command (for chrooted
10#    commands, that will be */*).
11#  - `@@USER@@` is replaced by the username, set on the user page.
13# The (global) timeout for the command list can be set with
14# the *timeout* key. The value is a time in seconds, default
15# is 10 seconds if not set.
17# If a command starts with "-" (a single minus sign), then the
18# return value of the command following the - is ignored; otherwise,
19# a failing command will abort the installation. This is much like
20# make's use of - in a command.
22# The value of *script* may be:
23#   - a single string; this is one command that is executed.
24#   - a list of strings; these are executed one at a time, by
25#     separate shells (/bin/sh -c is invoked for each command).
26#   - an object, specifying a key *command* and (optionally)
27#     a key *timeout* to set the timeout for this specific
28#     command differently from the global setting.
30dontChroot: false
31timeout: 10
33    - "-touch @@ROOT@@/tmp/thingy"
34    - "/usr/bin/false"
35    - command: "/usr/local/bin/slowloris"
36      timeout: 3600
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