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Initial port to lliurex from ubuntu

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1^<\?xml version="1.0"\?>
3  <Class id="_1" name="start" context="_2" location="f1:2" file="f1" line="2" members="_3 _4 _5 _6" size="[0-9]+" align="[0-9]+"/>
4  <Constructor id="_3" name="start" context="_1" access="public" location="f1:4" file="f1" line="4"/>
5  <Constructor id="_4" name="start" context="_1" access="public" location="f1:5" file="f1" line="5">
6    <Argument type="_7" location="f1:5" file="f1" line="5"/>
7  </Constructor>
8  <OperatorMethod id="_5" name="=" returns="_8" context="_1" access="public" location="f1:6" file="f1" line="6" mangled="[^"]+">
9    <Argument type="_7" location="f1:6" file="f1" line="6"/>
10  </OperatorMethod>
11  <Destructor id="_6" name="start" context="_1" access="public" location="f1:7" file="f1" line="7"/>
12  <ReferenceType id="_7" type="_1c"/>
13  <CvQualifiedType id="_1c" type="_1" const="1"/>
14  <ReferenceType id="_8" type="_1"/>
15  <Namespace id="_2" name="::"/>
16  <File id="f1" name=".*/test/input/Class-forward.cxx"/>
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