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1Julian Aloofi (Bug reports)
2Jordi Alsina (coding)
3AluminiuM (Asturianu translation)
4Christian Bieder (Deutsch translation & middle click)
5Pascal Bleser (openSUSE packager)
6Miguel Bouzada (Galego translation)
7Antonio Capone (website Italiano translation)
8Slava Dubrovskiy (Sisyphus packager)
9Carles Garrigues (Occitan translation)
10Karl L. Gechlik (
11Sébastien Lecointre (Français translation)
12Uzair Asad (new logo and icon design)
13Wasilis Mandratzis (Greek translation)
14Giuseppe Masciopinto (Italiano translation)
15Jiro Matsuzawa (Japanese translation)
16Alexandre Mrvosh
17Alessandro de Oliveira Faria (Tutorial and demo video)
18Wellyngton de Oliveira (Portuguese translation)
19Anıl Özbek (Türkçe [Turkish] translation)
20Yaron Shahrabani (עִבְרִית [Hebrew] translation)
21Sergey Shkurat (Russian translation)
22Agnius Svigaris (Lithuanian language translation)
23Samuel Thibault (Bug reports)
24Aldo Maria Vizcaino (Linux desktop entry)
25Theodore Watson (videoInput code)
26Xiaoyu Wang and vipuser2000 (Chinese (simplified) translation)
27Chinrur Yang (楊沁儒) (Chinese (Taiwan) translation)
28YannUbuntu (French translation)
29... and many other! Thanks all!
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