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3- APPC: double click centers tracking area
4- Click visual feedback (done for linux). Sample: (
5- Configuration dialog TAB traversal
9- Modo joystick. A partir de la inclinación de la cabeza (linea ojos)
10- Manuel Borras: Reducir la velocidad y el tiempo de mantener quieto el puntero para ejecutar la acción (clic derecho, doble clic, ...) cuando el puntero pase por encima de un icono del escritorio. Esto facilitaría la precisión sin perder agilidad en la navegación por el escritorio
11- Add zooming feature
12- Try to generate more portable binaries (apgcc)
13- Absolute face tracking.
15* Contributed by Gerhard Schneider:
16        1.- If I want to fetch something from my desk or if I want to drink something, I need to turn my head. This happens very intuitively and my mouse pointer makes everything messy. So a would like a "parking place" on the click bar, where I can leave the pointer. When I come back, I would use my mouse to place the pointer in the center of the screen.
18        2.- Another thing is the clicking: I think most of development has been done for moving the pointer (what I really acclaim!) When navigating to a button, I sometimes need to reverse the direction (when I failed the button). Then there is always (physically) a turning point with zero speed, which can cause a click. A more straight forward way could be in (far) future to use a wink with the eyes. It would also allow double clicks without needing to cross the whole screen to reach the click bar. But maybe the camera resolutions are not good enough.
19There is a funny (and exaggerated) video from a opera project:
22* Contributed by Sébastien Lecointre:
23        - face tracking with eyes recognition ( with reckoglition of the eyes, the software can autamatically follow the head like the software headmouse
24        - center cursor when tracking begins. when looking the webcam, the cursor should be at the center of the screen. the major problem is to calibrate the software : the head movements should lead to the edges of the screen, and when the head is at "idle" staate, the cursor should be at the centre of the screen.
26* Contributed by 
27        diyism
28      2010-03-16 13:39:36 CET
29      Wired great camera mouse application!
30      Very good!
31      Can you guys image what i get from combination of eViaCam and MagicCursor?
33      With the dwell gesture function,
34      I can move the moue with my nose,
35      and shake my head leftward to left click,
36      shake my head rightward to right click,
37      raise my head quickly to double click,
38      nod to start moving something.
40      Wish you could integrate dwell gesture function into eViaCam.
42      Great! Great! Great!
452.- Integrar en eViacam un modo de interacción de tipo "joystick" es decir,  que existan una serie de "botones" virtuales en el cuadro de captura que el usuario pueda "tocar" con la cabeza. Cada botón simularía la pulsación de una tecla de cursor por ejemplo consiguiendo también el efecto deseado (quizás esto se aproxima más a lo que sugieres). Fíjate que en este caso se toma un enfoque de posición absoluta del usuario a diferencia de la propuesta anterior que tiene en cuenta unicamente patrones de movimiento (pero no la posición exacta del usuario).
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