Exporting and importing

Exporting into HTML

It is possible to export an entire mindmap or just a branch to HTML.

The HTML page may contain folding, as set in the Edit / Preferences menu.

Importing a folder structure

To import a folder structure into FreeMind, use click on the node, choose Branch, then choose Import Folder Structure. You will be asked for the folder whose structure you want to import. By structure we mean the tree of all, and not necessary direct, subfolders with the links to the files in these subfolders. An example of inserted structure follows.

Importing MS Internet Explorer favorites

To import MS Explorer favorites into FreeMind, click on the node, choose Branch, then choose Import Explorer Favorites. You'll be asked to enter the path to the folder where the favorites are stored. The folder's name is "Favorites" and you can find it on your disk. On Windows 2000, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Favorites.

Integration with Microsoft tools like Word or Outlook

You can paste maps or branches into MS Works, MS Wordpad or MS Outlook messages. In general, you can paste it into any application that understands RTF - rich text format. The text formatting and links are pasted, too.

(if not set otherwise in Windows)