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1# List of currently registered types of content providers for JClic activities.
2# All JClic content providers must extend edu.xtec.jclic.automation.AutoContentProvider
3# and must be accessibles to the JVM classloader.
4# List format:
5#   full_class_name_including_package=content_provider_name[|content_provider_description]
6# The symbol "@" can be used in place of the standard package name: "edu.xtec.jclic.automation."
7# Example:
8#   com.acme.jclic.TestContentProvider=Acme test content|This JClic content provider is just a test...
10@arith.Arith=Arith|Automatic creation of menthal arithmetics exercises
12@tagreplace.TagReplace=TagReplace|Replaces tags inside text expressions with values taken from a external file or data source
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