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1cl_alert=Spou\u0161t\u00EDte "$" na tomto po\u010D\u00EDta\u010Di poprv\u00E9.\nZadejte pros\u00EDm jm\u00E9no slo\u017Eky, ve kter\u00E9 budou ulo\u017Eeny\ndatov\u00E9 soubory a nastaven\u00ED programu.
2cl_err_unableToCreateDir=Nelze vytvo\u0159it tuto slo\u017Eku!\nZadejte pros\u00EDm platn\u00E9 um\u00EDst\u011Bn\u00ED, ke kter\u00E9mu m\u00E1te spr\u00E1vcovsk\u00E1 pr\u00E1va.
3cl_prompt_title=Instala\u010Dn\u00ED slo\u017Eka
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