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17.TH "JClic Library Manager" 1 2013-12-04 "" ""
19jclic-libmanager \- Utility to manage JClic libraries at system level
21.B jclic-libmanager
22.RI "[" OPTION "] [" NAME "] [" FILE "]"
25This manual page describes briefly the
26.B jclic-library
28This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.
29It only contains the description of the basic options. For full manuals and
30documentation please visit:
32 and
34.BR JClic
35is formed by a set of computer applications that are used for
36carrying out different types of educational \fBactivities\fP: puzzles,
37associations, text exercises, crosswords...
39If you want to check about how JClic projects are, you should take a look at:
43JClic activities are packed in \fBJClic projects\fP. Projects are sets of
44activities organized in one or more sequences, which indicate the order
45in which they have to be shown.
47Projects can be organized into \fBJClic Libraries\fP. Libraries
48are collections of \fBJClic projects\fP, often structured in folders and subfolders.
49When JClic starts, it can automatically show the main library. When more than one library
50is defined JClic shows a list, allowing users to select one.
52Each user can have its own JClic Library, usually placed in \fB~/JClic/projects\fP.
53JClic libraries are encapsulated into XML files. These files are named "library.jclic"
54by default.
56System-wide libraries can also be specified. These system-wide libraries are usually
57"read-only", and shown to everyone without the need of per-user settings.
59.BR JClic\ Library\ Manager
60is a tool intended to be used by admin users to list, add and remove references to
61JClic Libraries at system level. It should be called always as a superuser
62(e.g.: "sudo jclic-libmanager -list")
66.B \-list
67List the name and path of the current JClic libraries defined at system level.
69.BI \-add \ name \ path
70Adds the "library.jclic" file pointed by "path" into the list of JClic system libraries. If "name"
71has blanks, please enclose it within double quotes.
73.BI \-remove \ name
74Remove the specified library from the list of JClic libraries defined at system level.
75Please enter the exact name, as obtained by a call to "sudo jclic-libmanager -list", and enclose
76it within double quotes in case it has blanks.
78.BI \-help
79Displays a short abstract of the options.
83JClic was written by Francesc Busquets <> for the
84Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.
87.BR jclic (1),
88.BR jclicauthor (1),
89.BR jclicreports (1)
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