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1# Arabic translation for jclic
2# Copyright (c) 2011 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2011
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the jclic package.
6msgid ""
7msgstr ""
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20#: @associations.ComplexAssociation
21msgid ""
22"Complex association|In this activity there are also two sets of information, "
23"but these may have a different number of parts and there may be different "
24"types of relation between them e.g.: one-to-one, various to one, parts "
25"without a relation, etc."
26msgstr ""
28#: @associations.SimpleAssociation
29msgid ""
30"Simple association|There are two sets of information that have the same "
31"number of parts. Each part from the original set corresponds to one, and "
32"only one, part of the image set."
33msgstr ""
35#: @memory.MemoryGame
36msgid ""
37"Finding pairs|Each of the pieces appear twice, but face down. In each go two "
38"pieces are turned over and are turned back over if they are not the same. "
39"The objective is to find all the pairs."
40msgstr ""
42#: @panels.Explore
43msgid ""
44"Explore activity|An initial piece of information is shown and, upon clicking "
45"on it, a given piece of information is shown for each element."
46msgstr ""
48#: @panels.Identify
49msgid ""
50"Identify cells|There is just one set of information and you have to click on "
51"those parts that meet a certain condition."
52msgstr ""
54#: @panels.InformationScreen
55msgid ""
56"Information screen|One set of information is shown and there is the option "
57"of activating the multimedia content for each piece of information."
58msgstr ""
60#: @puzzles.DoublePuzzle
61msgid ""
62"Double puzzle|Two grids are shown. One contains the disordered information "
63"and the other is empty. The object has to be rearranged in the empty grid by "
64"dragging the pieces one by one."
65msgstr ""
67#: @puzzles.ExchangePuzzle
68msgid ""
69"Exchange puzzle|The information is swapped within the same panel. In each go "
70"two pieces swap position until the object is reordered."
71msgstr ""
73#: @puzzles.HolePuzzle
74msgid ""
75"Hole puzzle|In the same panel one piece is missing and the others are "
76"shuffled. In each go one of the pieces next to the empty space is moved "
77"until they are back in the original order."
78msgstr ""
80#: @text.WrittenAnswer
81msgid ""
82"Written answer|A set of information is shown and the corresponding text for "
83"each of its parts must be written."
84msgstr ""
86#: @text.FillInBlanks
87msgid ""
88"Text: Fill-in blanks|The user has to complete certain words, letters and "
89"phrases that have been hidden or camouflaged in a text. The solution of each "
90"of the elements may be set up in different ways: writing in a blank space; "
91"correcting a phrase that contains errors; or selecting from a list of "
92"various possible answers."
93msgstr ""
95#: @text.Identify
96msgid ""
97"Text: Identify elements|The user has to point out some words, letters, "
98"numbers, symbols or punctuation marks with a click of the mouse."
99msgstr ""
101#: @text.Order
102msgid ""
103"Text: Order elements|When designing this activity some of the words or "
104"paragraphs of a text are selected to be shuffled around. The user has to put "
105"them back in order."
106msgstr ""
108#: @text.Complete
109msgid ""
110"Text: Complete text|Various parts of a text (letters, words, punctuation "
111"signs, or phrases) are taken out and the user has to complete it."
112msgstr ""
114#: @textGrid.CrossWord
115msgid ""
116"Crosswords|The word table has to be completed according to its definitions. "
117"The definitions may be text, graphics or sound. The programme automatically "
118"shows the definitions of the two words which cross in the cursor position."
119msgstr ""
121#: @textGrid.WordSearch
122msgid ""
123"Word search|The hidden words have to be found in a grid of letters. The "
124"neutral cells in the grid (those with no word) are completed with characters "
125"chosen at random."
126msgstr ""
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