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1Fixes since 1.1:
31. Corrected a pair of problems with nested unordered groups, which resulted in
4exceptions during code generation.
52. Fixed the "j2me" target for building under Windows.
63. Changed child component order under <binding> element to namespace, format
7include; corrected binding.xsd, binding.dtd, and documentation to match.
84. Extended <include> support to allow <format> definitions from included
9bindings to be used within the including binding, and to support namespace
10scoping (global namespaces within the including binding apply to all included
11bindings; global namespaces within included binding apply only to that binding)
125. Fixed handling of abstract <mapping> with attributes (with or without
146. Added check for abstract class used directly (needs factory-method).
157. Loosened checks for element name on child components of collection to only
16test <value> element children.
178. Fixed problem with abstract base mapping use in unordered collection failing
18code generation (stack size mismatch).
199. Corrected a problem in working with arrays of longs or doubles which could
20result in modified classes failing JVM validation.
2110. Corrected handling of optional mapping references.
2211. Changed default JiBX build Ant target to build the full distribution with
23debug information included, added a new "small-jars" target to compile and jar
24without debug information.
2512. Added propagation of namespaces defined in abstract <mapping>s up to the
26context of each reference to those <mapping>s.
2713. Fixed add-constructors='true' option to make existing default constructors
28accessible, and to add superclass default constructors where necessary.
2914. Fixed handling of abstract <mapping> with no content or attributes present
3015. Removed erronous warning message about default used without usage='optional'
31(default actually implies optional)
3216. Corrected problem with adding constructor to mapped user interfaces when
3417. Added enum-value-method='...' option to support Java 5 enums with values
35which don't match the names (using the defined method to get the actual text
36value from an enum instance).
3718. Corrected binding validation problem where using the same <mapping> name in
38different namespaces reported a duplicate name error.
3919. Fixed problems with nillable="true" and optional="true" combination on a
40<value> element, and also with primitive values which are nillable and/or
4220. Fixed problems with file path names using a period, and with binding file
43names including characters not allowed in Java identifiers.
4421. Corrected a problem which sometimes caused ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
45when writing to an ISO-8859-1 encoded stream.
4622. Added validation checks for several binding constructs which were either
47ambiguous, unsupported, or could cause errors in code generation.
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