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    Description: Build the wubildr bootloader for Wubi
    Author: Evan Dandrea <>
    Last-Update: 2012-08-20
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     1#! /bin/sh
     3set -e
     5# Build the wubildr bootloader for Wubi.
     7cd ..
     8CHROOT="$(mktemp -d)"
     9# grub-mkimage needs to be able to find the source file of the loopback image
     10# in the location that losetup knows it is; however, in a chroot this file wont
     11# be present, so we need to make it so by the magic of bind mounts:
     12mkdir -p "ubuntu/disks"
     13# FIXME: swap these next two lines around when the buildds can handle ext4:
     14# mv "binary/boot/filesystem.ext4" "ubuntu/disks/root.disk"
     15mv "binary/boot/filesystem.ext3" "ubuntu/disks/root.disk"
     16mount -o loop "ubuntu/disks/root.disk" "$CHROOT"
     17# Save the directory structure mkdir created, so that it can be removed later.
     18REMOVE="$(mkdir -pv "$CHROOT$PWD" | head -n1 | sed "s,.*\`\(.*\)',\1,")"
     19mount -o bind "$PWD" "$CHROOT$PWD"
     20chroot "$CHROOT" mount -t proc proc /proc
     21# Expected to already exist.
     22touch wubildr
     23# grub-install cries unless you point it at something.
     24chroot "$CHROOT" grub-install /dev/null
     25umount "$CHROOT/proc"
     26umount "$CHROOT$PWD"
     27rm -rf "$REMOVE"
     28# /host is normally created by partman-auto-loop.
     29mkdir "$CHROOT/host"
     30umount "$CHROOT"
     31mv wubildr binary/boot
     32# Link output files somewhere BuildLiveCD will be able to find them.
     34mv ubuntu/disks/root.disk binary/boot/root.disk
     35rmdir -p ubuntu/disks
     36tar cf - -C binary/boot root.disk wubildr | xz -9 > "$PREFIX.tar.xz"
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