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1<!DOCTYPE html>
2<html lang="en">
3  <head>
4    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
5    <link href="css/bootstrap-2.3.2.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
6    <link href="css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
7    <link href="css/animate.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
8    <link href="css/welcome.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
9  </head>
10  <body class="backdrop-simple">
11    <div id="wrapper">
12      <div class="container-fluid">
13        <div id="navigation">
14          <a id="menu-button" class="navigation-button" onclick="smoothPageFade('index.html')">
15            <span class="fa fa-chevron-left"></span>
16          </a>
17          <div id="navigation-title" hidden>&zwnj;Introduction&zwnj;</div>
18          <div id="navigation-right"></div>
19          <img id="navigation-divider" src="img/welcome/header-shadow.png" width="100%" height="11px">
20        </div>
21      </div>
22      <div id="content" class="container-fluid entire-page-fade" hidden>
23        <div class="row-fluid">
24         <div class="span12">
25          <div class="slogan-box">
26            <div class="slogan-area">
27              <img src="img/welcome/ubuntu-mate-icon.svg" width="150px" height="150px" class="animated rollIn">
28              <p class="slogan-text animated fadeInUp">&nbsp;&nbsp; &zwnj;For a retrospective future.&zwnj;</p>
29            </div>
30            <div class="slogan-area animated fadeInUp">
31              <a class="btn btn-success" onclick="$('html, body').animate({scrollTop: 530}, 1000);">&zwnj;What is Ubuntu MATE?&zwnj;</a>
32            </div>
33          </div>
34          <hr class="soften">
35          <div class="center animated wow fadeInUp">
36            <img src="img/welcome/ubuntu-mate-icon.svg" width="50px" height="50px"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
37            | &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
38            <span class="fa fa-windows fa-3x fa-va"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
39            <span class="fa fa-apple fa-3x fa-va"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
40            <span class="fa fa-linux fa-3x fa-va"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
41            <span class="fa fa-android fa-3x fa-va"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
42            <span class="fa fa-chrome fa-3x fa-va"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
43          </div>
44          <br>
45          <div class="wow fadeInUp">
46            <p>&zwnj;Ubuntu MATE is an operating system -- the core software
47            that runs your computer, similar to&zwnj;
48            <a href="cmd://link?">
49            &nbsp;<span class="fa fa-windows"></span> &zwnj;Microsoft's Windows&zwnj;</a>,
50            <a href="cmd://link?">
51            &nbsp;<span class="fa fa-apple"> </span> &zwnj;Apple's OS X&zwnj;</a> &zwnj;and&zwnj;
52            <a href="cmd://link?">
53            &nbsp;<span class="fa fa-chrome"></span> &zwnj;Google's Chrome OS&zwnj;</a>.
55            &zwnj;Ubuntu MATE is a distribution (variation) of
56            GNU/Linux. A dependable, secure, capable, and modern computer
57            system that rivals all others in popularity and actual use.&zwnj;</p>
58            <p>&zwnj;Unlike other operating systems, Linux is a major one used:&zwnj;</p>
59            <ul>
60              <li>&zwnj;on most of the world's fastest and most powerful
61                supercomputers&zwnj;</li>
62              <li>&zwnj;on many of (if not most of) the computers that make up the
63                backbone of Internet&zwnj;</li>
64              <li>&zwnj;and on corporate servers that require stability and
65                reliability&zwnj;</li>
66            </ul>
67          </div>
68          <div class="wow fadeInUp">
69            <p>&zwnj;Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use operating system
70            with a configurable desktop environment. It is ideal for
71            those who want the most out of their computers and prefer a
72            traditional desktop metaphor. With modest hardware
73            requirements, it is suitable for modern desktops and
74            laptops, single board computers (such as the Raspberry Pi)
75            and older hardware alike.&zwnj;</p>
77            <p>&zwnj;The operating system is more secure, and better
78            supported than the operating system pre-installed on most
79            home computer hardware today.&zwnj;</p>
81            <p>&zwnj;Using Ubuntu MATE provides you with the freedom to run a
82            complete, full-featured operating system, pre-configured
83            with most (if not all) of the applications you will need
84            for your daily computing. Change anything about the
85            way it looks, the way it works, or the applications it runs
86            to suit your taste.&zwnj;</p>
87          </div>
89          <hr class="soften"/>
90          <div class="wow fadeIn">
91            <h2>&zwnj;Objectives&zwnj;</h2>
92            <p>&zwnj;Ubuntu MATE has a number of guiding objectives and goals:&zwnj;</p>
93            <ul>
94              <li>&zwnj;Accessible to all, regardless of language and physical ability.&zwnj;</li>
95              <li>&zwnj;Increase both Ubuntu and MATE Desktop user adoption.&zwnj;</li>
96              <li>&zwnj;Ubuntu alternative for computers that aren't powerful enough to run a composited desktop.&zwnj;</li>
97              <li>&zwnj;First choice Ubuntu platform for remote workstation solutions such as LTSP and X2Go.&zwnj;</li>
98              <li>&zwnj;Recreate the halcyon days of Ubuntu for users who prefer a traditional desktop metaphor.&zwnj;</li>
99              <li>&zwnj;Use themes and artwork similar to Ubuntu so that Ubuntu MATE is immediately familiar.&zwnj;</li>
100              <li>&zwnj;When possible contribute to Debian so both the Debian and Ubuntu communities benefit.&zwnj;</li>
101              <li>&zwnj;Software selection will favor functionality and stability over lightness and whimsy.&zwnj;</li>
102            </ul>
103          </div>
105          <hr class="soften"/>
106          <div class="wow fadeIn">
107            <h2>&zwnj;What is Ubuntu MATE?&zwnj;</h2>
108            <h3>Ubuntu</h3>
109          </div>
110        </div>
112        <div class="row-fluid wow fadeIn">
113          <div class="span2 center-inside wow rollIn">
114            <img src="img/logos/ubuntu.png" alt="Ubuntu" height="100px" width="100px"/>
115          </div>
116          <div class="span10">
117            <p><a href="cmd://link?">Ubuntu</a> &zwnj;is
118            one of, if not the, largest deployed&zwnj; <a
119            href="cmd://link?">Linux</a>
120            &zwnj;based desktop operating systems in the world. Linux is at
121            the heart of Ubuntu and makes it possible to create secure,
122            powerful and versatile operating systems, such as&zwnj; Ubuntu
123            &zwnj;and&zwnj; <a href="cmd://link?"> Android</a>.
124            &zwnj;Android is now in the hands of billions of people around the
125            world and it's also powered by Linux.&zwnj;</p>
127            <p>&zwnj;Ubuntu is available in a number of different&zwnj;
128            <em>&zwnj;flavors&zwnj;</em>, &zwnj;each coming with its own desktop
129            environment. Ubuntu MATE takes the Ubuntu base operating
130            system and adds the&zwnj; <a
131            href="cmd://link?">&zwnj;MATE
132            Desktop&zwnj;</a>.</p>
133          </div>
134        </div>
136        <div class="row-fluid">
137          <div class="span10 wow fadeIn">
138            <h3>&zwnj;MATE Desktop&zwnj;</h3>
139            <p>&zwnj;Wikipedia says that&zwnj; <a
140            href="cmd://link?">
141            &zwnj;a Desktop Environment is&zwnj;</a>:</p>
143            <blockquote>&zwnj;an implementation of the desktop metaphor made
144            of a bundle of programs running on top of a computer
145            operating system, which share a common graphical user
146            interface (GUI). Desktop GUIs help the user to easily
147            access and edit files.&zwnj;</blockquote>
148          </div>
149        </div>
151        <div class="row-fluid">
152          <div class="span10 wow fadeIn">
153            <p>&zwnj;The MATE Desktop implements essential features that you'd
154            expect in a desktop environment, such as:&zwnj;
155            <table class="mate-table">
156              <tr>
157                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/48/system-file-manager.svg"/></td>
158                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/48/accessories-calculator.svg"/></td>
159                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/engrampa.svg"/></td>
160                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/eom.svg"/></td>
161                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/atril.png"/></td>
162                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/48/utilities-system-monitor.svg"/></td>
163                <td><img src="/usr/share/icons/Humanity/apps/48/utilities-terminal.svg"/></td>
164              </tr>
165              <tr>
166                <th>&zwnj;File Browser&zwnj;</th>
167                <th>&zwnj;Calculator&zwnj;</th>
168                <th>&zwnj;Archive Manager&zwnj;</th>
169                <th>&zwnj;Image Viewer&zwnj;</th>
170                <th>&zwnj;Document Viewer&zwnj;</th>
171                <th>&zwnj;System Monitor&zwnj;</th>
172                <th>&zwnj;Terminal&zwnj;</th>
173              </tr>
174              <tr style="color:#C8C8C8">
175                <td><small>caja</small></td>
176                <td><small>galculator</small></td>
177                <td><small>engrampa</small></td>
178                <td><small>eom</small></td>
179                <td><small>atril</small></td>
180                <td><small>mate-system-moniotr</small></td>
181                <td><small>mate-terminal</small></td>
182              </tr>
183            </table>
186            &zwnj;All of which are highly customisable and
187            managed via the&zwnj; &nbsp;<a href="cmd://control">
188            <img src="img/applications/control-centre.png" height="16px" width="16px" style="vertical-align:middle"/>
189            &zwnj;Control Center&zwnj;</a>.</p>
191            <p>&zwnj;MATE Desktop provides an intuitive and attractive
192            desktop environment using traditional metaphors, which
193            means if you've ever used&zwnj;
194            <a href="cmd://link?">
195            &nbsp;<span class="fa fa-windows"></span> Windows</a> &zwnj;or&zwnj;
196            <a href="cmd://link?">
197            &nbsp;<span class="fa fa-apple"> </span> OS X</a>,
198            &zwnj;it will feel very familiar.&zwnj;</p>
200            <p>&zwnj;The MATE Desktop has a rich history and is the
201            continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop, which was the default
202            desktop environment on many Linux and Unix operating
203            systems for over a decade. This means that MATE Desktop is
204            tried, tested and very reliable.&zwnj;</p>
205          </div>
206          <div class="span2 center-inside wow rotateIn">
207            <img src="img/logos/mate.png" alt="MATE Desktop" height="100px" width="100px">
208          </div>
209        </div>
211        <div class="wow fadeIn">
212          <h3>&zwnj;Open Source&zwnj;</h3>
213        </div>
214        <div class="row-fluid">
215          <div class="span2 center-inside wow bounceIn">
216            <img src="img/logos/osi.png" alt="Open Source Initiative" height="150px" width="150px">
217          </div>
218          <div class="span10 wow fadeIn">
219            <p>&zwnj;What Linux, Ubuntu and MATE Desktop all have in common
220            is they are Open Source. This software
221            can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified
222            or unmodified form) by anyone. In a nutshell Ubuntu MATE is
223            free, in the truest sense of the word.&zwnj;</p>
225            <p>&zwnj;Although you will find some distributions (variations) of
226            Linux for purchase, the vast majority are provided free of
227            charge, like Ubuntu MATE. The distribution is licensed
228            in a way that allows anyone to give it away for free, with no
229            strings attached. For example, the licence gives any member
230            of the user community the freedom to use Linux for any
231            purpose, to distribute, modify, redistribute, or even sell
232            the operating system. If you do modify and then
233            redistribute Linux with your modifications, you are
234            required by the licence to submit your modifications for
235            possible inclusion into future versions. There is no
236            guarantee that this will ever happen, but if you have made
237            it better, then your changes just might be included in the
238            next release of Ubuntu MATE.&zwnj;</p>
240            <p>&zwnj;Many of the users of Linux are corporations that
241            use the operating system to run their businesses, or
242            include it within their products. Many of these
243            corporations provide fixes and new features for Linux as
244            they use the software for their businesses.&zwnj; <a
245            href="cmd://link?">
246            &zwnj;These improvements are given back&zwnj;</a>
247            &zwnj;to the Linux community and Ubuntu MATE improves as a result.
248            This is how we can continually improve and grow without
249            having to charge our users money.&zwnj;</p>
251            <p>&zwnj;Unlike Windows and OS X, Linux is not created and
252            supported by just one company. It is supported by Intel,
253            Redhat, Linaro, Samsung, IBM, SUSE, Texas Instruments,
254            Google, Canonical, Oracle, AMD, and Microsoft. Over 4,000
255            developers contributed to Linux over the last 15 years.&zwnj;</p>
257            <p>&zwnj;Whether you are a home user of Ubuntu MATE, an Ubuntu
258            MATE software or application developer, or an employee of
259            an organization that uses the operating system, you are a
260            member of the Linux and Open Source communities and benefit
261            from the efforts of the developers who contribute to Ubuntu
262            MATE and its related projects: Linux, MATE, and
263            Ubuntu. Members of the community run Linux
264            on almost any hardware, from the prettiest Macbook to the
265            cheapest netbook, from the newest Chromebook to some very
266            old machines designed for Windows, and from the most
267            powerful Internet servers to the smallest smart
268            thermostat.&zwnj;</p>
269          </div>
270         </div>
271        </div>
272       </div>
273      </div>
274      <div id="footer" class="bottom">
275        <div class="footer-content">
276          <div id="footer-left">
277            <span id="footer-global-left"></span>
278          </div>
279          <div id="footer-right" class="form">
280            <span id="footer-global-right"></span>
281          </div>
282        </div>
283      </div>
284    <script src="js/jquery-2.1.4.js"></script>
285    <script src="js/bootstrap-2.3.2.js"></script>
286    <script src="js/janimate.js"></script>
287    <script src="js/wow.js"></script>
288    <script src="js/welcome.js"></script>
289  </body>
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