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5"Project-Id-Version: Ubuntu MATE Welcome\n"
6"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-02-27 12:48+0100\n"
7"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-04-03 14:00+0000\n"
8"Last-Translator: Martin Wimpress <>\n"
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17#: introduction.html:17
18msgid "Introduction"
19msgstr ""
21#: introduction.html:27
22msgid "For a retrospective future."
23msgstr ""
25#: introduction.html30, 106
26msgid "What is Ubuntu MATE?"
27msgstr ""
29#: introduction.html:45
30msgid ""
31"Ubuntu MATE is an operating system -- the core software that runs your "
32"computer, similar to"
33msgstr ""
35#: introduction.html:48
36msgid "Microsoft's Windows"
37msgstr ""
39#: introduction.html:50
40msgid "Apple's OS X"
41msgstr ""
43#: introduction.html50, 122
44msgid "and"
45msgstr ""
47#: introduction.html:52
48msgid "Google's Chrome OS"
49msgstr ""
51#: introduction.html:54
52msgid ""
53"Ubuntu MATE is a distribution (variation) of GNU/Linux. A dependable, "
54"secure, capable, and modern computer system that rivals all others in "
55"popularity and actual use."
56msgstr ""
58#: introduction.html:57
59msgid "Unlike other operating systems, Linux is a major one used:"
60msgstr ""
62#: introduction.html:59
63msgid "on most of the world's fastest and most powerful supercomputers"
64msgstr ""
66#: introduction.html:61
67msgid ""
68"on many of (if not most of) the computers that make up the backbone of "
70msgstr ""
72#: introduction.html:63
73msgid "and on corporate servers that require stability and reliability"
74msgstr ""
76#: introduction.html:68
77msgid ""
78"Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use operating system with a configurable "
79"desktop environment. It is ideal for those who want the most out of their "
80"computers and prefer a traditional desktop metaphor. With modest hardware "
81"requirements, it is suitable for modern desktops and laptops, single board "
82"computers (such as the Raspberry Pi) and older hardware alike."
83msgstr ""
85#: introduction.html:76
86msgid ""
87"The operating system is more secure, and better supported than the operating"
88" system pre-installed on most home computer hardware today."
89msgstr ""
91#: introduction.html:80
92msgid ""
93"Using Ubuntu MATE provides you with the freedom to run a complete, full-"
94"featured operating system, pre-configured with most (if not all) of the "
95"applications you will need for your daily computing. Change anything about "
96"the way it looks, the way it works, or the applications it runs to suit your"
97" taste."
98msgstr ""
100#: introduction.html:90
101msgid "Objectives"
102msgstr ""
104#: introduction.html:91
105msgid "Ubuntu MATE has a number of guiding objectives and goals:"
106msgstr ""
108#: introduction.html:93
109msgid "Accessible to all, regardless of language and physical ability."
110msgstr ""
112#: introduction.html:94
113msgid "Increase both Ubuntu and MATE Desktop user adoption."
114msgstr ""
116#: introduction.html:95
117msgid ""
118"Ubuntu alternative for computers that aren't powerful enough to run a "
119"composited desktop."
120msgstr ""
122#: introduction.html:96
123msgid ""
124"First choice Ubuntu platform for remote workstation solutions such as LTSP "
125"and X2Go."
126msgstr ""
128#: introduction.html:97
129msgid ""
130"Recreate the halcyon days of Ubuntu for users who prefer a traditional "
131"desktop metaphor."
132msgstr ""
134#: introduction.html:98
135msgid ""
136"Use themes and artwork similar to Ubuntu so that Ubuntu MATE is immediately "
138msgstr ""
140#: introduction.html:99
141msgid ""
142"When possible contribute to Debian so both the Debian and Ubuntu communities"
143" benefit."
144msgstr ""
146#: introduction.html:100
147msgid ""
148"Software selection will favor functionality and stability over lightness and"
149" whimsy."
150msgstr ""
152#: introduction.html:116
153msgid "is one of, if not the, largest deployed"
154msgstr ""
156#: introduction.html:119
157msgid ""
158"based desktop operating systems in the world. Linux is at the heart of "
159"Ubuntu and makes it possible to create secure, powerful and versatile "
160"operating systems, such as"
161msgstr ""
163#: introduction.html:123
164msgid ""
165"Android is now in the hands of billions of people around the world and it's "
166"also powered by Linux."
167msgstr ""
169#: introduction.html:126
170msgid "Ubuntu is available in a number of different"
171msgstr ""
173#: introduction.html:127
174msgid "flavors"
175msgstr ""
177#: introduction.html:127
178msgid ""
179"each coming with its own desktop environment. Ubuntu MATE takes the Ubuntu "
180"base operating system and adds the"
181msgstr ""
183#: introduction.html130, 137
184msgid "MATE Desktop"
185msgstr ""
187#: introduction.html:138
188msgid "Wikipedia says that"
189msgstr ""
191#: introduction.html:140
192msgid "a Desktop Environment is"
193msgstr ""
195#: introduction.html:142
196msgid ""
197"an implementation of the desktop metaphor made of a bundle of programs "
198"running on top of a computer operating system, which share a common "
199"graphical user interface (GUI). Desktop GUIs help the user to easily access "
200"and edit files."
201msgstr ""
203#: introduction.html:152
204msgid ""
205"The MATE Desktop implements essential features that you'd expect in a "
206"desktop environment, such as:"
207msgstr ""
209#: introduction.html:165
210msgid "File Browser"
211msgstr ""
213#: introduction.html:166
214msgid "Calculator"
215msgstr ""
217#: introduction.html:167
218msgid "Archive Manager"
219msgstr ""
221#: introduction.html:168
222msgid "Image Viewer"
223msgstr ""
225#: introduction.html:169
226msgid "Document Viewer"
227msgstr ""
229#: introduction.html:170
230msgid "System Monitor"
231msgstr ""
233#: introduction.html:171
234msgid "Terminal"
235msgstr ""
237#: introduction.html:185
238msgid "All of which are highly customisable and managed via the"
239msgstr ""
241#: introduction.html:188
242msgid "Control Center"
243msgstr ""
245#: introduction.html:190
246msgid ""
247"MATE Desktop provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using "
248"traditional metaphors, which means if you've ever used"
249msgstr ""
251#: introduction.html:194
252msgid "or"
253msgstr ""
255#: introduction.html:197
256msgid "it will feel very familiar."
257msgstr ""
259#: introduction.html:199
260msgid ""
261"The MATE Desktop has a rich history and is the continuation of the GNOME 2 "
262"desktop, which was the default desktop environment on many Linux and Unix "
263"operating systems for over a decade. This means that MATE Desktop is tried, "
264"tested and very reliable."
265msgstr ""
267#: introduction.html:211
268msgid "Open Source"
269msgstr ""
271#: introduction.html:218
272msgid ""
273"What Linux, Ubuntu and MATE Desktop all have in common is they are Open "
274"Source. This software can be freely used, changed, and shared (in modified "
275"or unmodified form) by anyone. In a nutshell Ubuntu MATE is free, in the "
276"truest sense of the word."
277msgstr ""
279#: introduction.html:224
280msgid ""
281"Although you will find some distributions (variations) of Linux for "
282"purchase, the vast majority are provided free of charge, like Ubuntu MATE. "
283"The distribution is licensed in a way that allows anyone to give it away for"
284" free, with no strings attached. For example, the licence gives any member "
285"of the user community the freedom to use Linux for any purpose, to "
286"distribute, modify, redistribute, or even sell the operating system. If you "
287"do modify and then redistribute Linux with your modifications, you are "
288"required by the licence to submit your modifications for possible inclusion "
289"into future versions. There is no guarantee that this will ever happen, but "
290"if you have made it better, then your changes just might be included in the "
291"next release of Ubuntu MATE."
292msgstr ""
294#: introduction.html:239
295msgid ""
296"Many of the users of Linux are corporations that use the operating system to"
297" run their businesses, or include it within their products. Many of these "
298"corporations provide fixes and new features for Linux as they use the "
299"software for their businesses."
300msgstr ""
302#: introduction.html:245
303msgid "These improvements are given back"
304msgstr ""
306#: introduction.html:246
307msgid ""
308"to the Linux community and Ubuntu MATE improves as a result. This is how we "
309"can continually improve and grow without having to charge our users money."
310msgstr ""
312#: introduction.html:250
313msgid ""
314"Unlike Windows and OS X, Linux is not created and supported by just one "
315"company. It is supported by Intel, Redhat, Linaro, Samsung, IBM, SUSE, Texas"
316" Instruments, Google, Canonical, Oracle, AMD, and Microsoft. Over 4,000 "
317"developers contributed to Linux over the last 15 years."
318msgstr ""
320#: introduction.html:256
321msgid ""
322"Whether you are a home user of Ubuntu MATE, an Ubuntu MATE software or "
323"application developer, or an employee of an organization that uses the "
324"operating system, you are a member of the Linux and Open Source communities "
325"and benefit from the efforts of the developers who contribute to Ubuntu MATE"
326" and its related projects: Linux, MATE, and Ubuntu. Members of the community"
327" run Linux on almost any hardware, from the prettiest Macbook to the "
328"cheapest netbook, from the newest Chromebook to some very old machines "
329"designed for Windows, and from the most powerful Internet servers to the "
330"smallest smart thermostat."
331msgstr ""
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