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1<!DOCTYPE html>
2<html lang="en">
3  <head>
4    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
5    <link href="css/bootstrap-2.3.2.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
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7    <link href="css/animate.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
8    <link href="css/welcome.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen">
9  </head>
10  <body class="backdrop-simple">
11    <div id="wrapper">
12    <div class="container-fluid">
13      <div id="navigation">
14        <a id="menu-button" class="navigation-button" onclick="smoothPageFade('index.html')">
15          <span class="fa fa-chevron-left"></span>
16        </a>
17        <div id="navigation-title" hidden>&zwnj;Raspberry Pi Information&zwnj;</div>
18        <div id="navigation-right"></div>
19        <img id="navigation-divider" src="img/welcome/header-shadow.png" width="100%" height="11px">
20      </div>
21    </div>
22      <div id="content" class="container-fluid entire-page-fade" hidden>
23        <div class="row-fluid">
24          <div class="span12">
25            <!--Body content-->
26            <h2>&zwnj;A few important notes.&zwnj;</h2>
27            <p>&zwnj;While the experience is visually similar to the desktop
28            edition of Ubuntu MATE, the underlying architecture is
29            very different. This page will highlight a few of these
30            differences.&zwnj;</p>
31            <hr class="soften"/>
33            <h3>&zwnj;Resizing the file system&zwnj;</h3>
34            <span id="rpi-resized" hidden>
35              <p class="success-text"><span class="fa fa-check-circle"></span>
36              &zwnj;Your file system has already been resized.&zwnj;</p>
37            </span>
38            <span id="rpi-not-resized" hidden>
39              <p>&zwnj;After setting up Ubuntu MATE for the first time on your
40              Raspberry Pi, the file system will be restricted to the
41              size of the original image, which is about 3.9 GB. Use
42              this button to resize and fill the entire Micro-SD card.&zwnj;</p>
43              <a href="cmd://resize-rpi" class="btn btn-inverse"><span class="fa fa-hdd-o"></span>&nbsp; &zwnj;Resize Now&zwnj;</a>
44            </span>
45            <span id="rpi-restart-now" hidden>
46              <p><span class="fa fa-warning"></span>
47              &zwnj;To complete the resize of your Raspberry Pi file system, please
48              close all open windows and restart now.&zwnj;</p>
49              <a href="cmd://reboot-rpi" class="btn btn-danger"><span class="fa fa-refresh"></span>&nbsp; &zwnj;Reboot&zwnj;</a>
50            </span>
51            <hr class="soften"/>
53            <h3>&zwnj;Incompatible Software&zwnj;</h3>
54            <p>&zwnj;Some packages available for Ubuntu have only been
55            written and compiled for the&zwnj; <code>i386</code> &zwnj;or&zwnj;
56            <code>amd64</code> &zwnj;architecture. As the Raspberry Pi is
57            based on&zwnj; <code>armv7</code>, &zwnj;these packages will not be
58            available to install. Depending on the package, it may be
59            possible to compile these yourself or use an existing port.&zwnj;</p>
60          </div>
61        </div>
62        <div class="row-fluid">
63          <div class="span6">
64            <h5>&zwnj;Incompatible:&zwnj;</h5>
65            <ul>
66              <li><img src="img/applications/google-chrome.png" width="24px" height="24px"> Google Chrome</li>
67              <li><img src="img/applications/minecraft.png" width="24px" height="24px"> Minecraft (Java Edition)</li>
68              <li><img src="img/applications/adobeflash.png" width="24px" height="24px"> Adobe Flash</li>
69              <li><img src="img/applications/virtualbox.png" width="24px" height="24px"> VirtualBox</li>
70            </ul>
71          </div>
72          <div class="span6">
73            <h5>&zwnj;Compatible:&zwnj;</h5>
74            <ul>
75              <li><img src="img/applications/chromium.png" width="24px" height="24px"> Chromium</li>
76              <li><img src="img/applications/minecraft.png" width="24px" height="24px"> Minecraft: Pi Edition</li>
77              <li><a href="cmd://link?">Pepper Flash</a></li>
78              <li>QEMU</li>
79            </ul>
80          </div>
81        </div>
83        <div class="row-fluid">
84          <div class="span12">
85            <hr class="soften"/>
86            <h3>&zwnj;Upgrades&zwnj;</h3>
87            <p>&zwnj;Please&zwnj; <b><u>&zwnj;do not&zwnj;</u></b> &zwnj;attempt to&zwnj; <b>&zwnj;upgrade&zwnj;</b>
88            &zwnj;your Raspberry Pi to a newer version of the distribution
89            (for instance, from 15.04 to 15.10), as the underlying
90            kernel is&zwnj; <b>&zwnj;not designed&zwnj;</b> &zwnj;to do this. This process will
91            take a very long time to complete while potentially filling
92            up your SD card to a point where there is no more free
93            space.&zwnj;</p>
95            <p>&zwnj;It is safer to back up all of your data you wish to keep and re-flash the
96            card with the new image. Attempting to upgrade may corrupt the SD card,
97            prevent your installation from booting, or cause severe glitches.&zwnj;</p>
99            <p>&zwnj;You can, however, install&zwnj; <b>&zwnj;regular updates&zwnj;</b> &zwnj;via the&zwnj;
100            <a href="cmd://update"><img src="img/applications/system-software-update.png" width="20px" height="20px"/>
101            &zwnj;Software Updater&zwnj;</a> &zwnj;utility for your installed software.&zwnj;</p>
103            <hr class="soften"/>
104            <h3>&zwnj;Kernel Updates&zwnj;</h3>
105            <p>&zwnj;The same kernel provided by the&zwnj;
106            <a href="cmd://link?">&zwnj;Raspberry Pi foundation&zwnj;</a>
107            &zwnj;is used in this edition of Ubuntu MATE. As this kernel is delivered
108            like a "firmware" blob, updates are not distributed via the&zwnj;
109            <a href="cmd://update"><img src="img/applications/system-software-update.png" width="20px" height="20px"/>
110            &zwnj;Software Updater&zwnj;</a> &zwnj;or&zwnj; <b>apt-get</b>.</p>
112            <p><b>&zwnj;Instead, to update the kernel, open a terminal and run:&zwnj;</b></p>
113            <blockquote><code>sudo rpi-update</code></blockquote>
115            <hr class="soften"/>
116            <h3>&zwnj;Hardware Acceleration&zwnj;</h3>
117            <p>&zwnj;Currently, hardware accelerated applications are&zwnj; <b>&zwnj;not supported&zwnj;</b>
118            &zwnj;unlike&zwnj; <a href="cmd://link?">Raspbian</a>.
119            &zwnj;Applications that depend on OpenGL ES libraries or require the GPU
120            will fail to start.&zwnj;</p>
122            <p>&zwnj;For playing videos, the application&zwnj; <code>omxplayer</code> &zwnj;will be able to
123            do this and is pre-installed. If you are looking to play MPEG-2 or VC-1 video files
124            then&zwnj; <b>&zwnj;you will need MPEG-2 and/or VC-1 licenses from the&zwnj;
125            <a href="cmd://link?">&zwnj;Raspberry Pi Store.&zwnj;</a></b></p>
127            <hr class="soften"/>
128            <h3>&zwnj;Enable/Disable X11&zwnj;</h3>
129            <p>&zwnj;For users who are looking to create their own headless&zwnj; <i>&zwnj;"server"&zwnj;</i> &zwnj;using
130            Ubuntu MATE, there is a utility for toggling the graphical environment.&zwnj;</p>
132            <p><b>&zwnj;To disable X11 and login via the console:&zwnj;</b>
133            <blockquote><code>sudo graphical disable</code></blockquote>
134            </p>
136            <p><b>&zwnj;To enable X11 to restore the Ubuntu MATE desktop:&zwnj;</b>
137            <blockquote><code>sudo graphical enable</code></blockquote>
139            &zwnj;Changes take effect after a reboot.&zwnj;
140            </p>
142            <hr class="soften"/>
143            <h3>&zwnj;Release Notes&zwnj;</h3>
144            <p>&zwnj;To read up on release notes and changes by version, visit the Ubuntu MATE website.&zwnj;</p>
145            <div align="center">
146              <a class="btn btn-lg btn-success" href="cmd://link?"><img src="img/welcome/ubuntu-mate-gray.svg">&nbsp;</a>
147            </div>
149            <div class="center">
150              <br>
151              <small>&zwnj;Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the &zwnj; <a href="cmd://link?">Raspberry Pi Foundation</a>.</small>
152            </div>
153          </div>
154        </div>
155      </div>
156      <div id="footer" class="bottom">
157        <div class="footer-content">
158          <div id="footer-left">
159            <span id="footer-global-left"></span>
160          </div>
161          <div id="footer-right" class="form">
162            <span id="footer-global-right"></span>
163          </div>
164        </div>
165      </div>
166    </div>
167    <script src="js/jquery-2.1.4.js"></script>
168    <script src="js/bootstrap-2.3.2.js"></script>
169    <script src="js/janimate.js"></script>
170    <script src="js/welcome.js"></script>
171  </body>
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