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1Source: lliurex-preseed
2Section: admin
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: Equipo LliureX <>
5Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 7), llxcfg-dev
6Standards-Version: 3.9.5
8Package: lliurex-preseed-common
9Pre-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, perl, debconf-utils
10Architecture: all
11Description: LliureX Preseed system suite
12 Simple tool to manage preseed under LliureX
14Package: lliurex-preseed-ocsagent
15Pre-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, lliurex-preseed-common (>= 0.4)
16Architecture: all
17Description: Simple preseed for ocs-agent
18 This is a simple preseed for ocs-agent
20Package: lliurex-preseed-nslcd
21Pre-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, lliurex-preseed-common (>= 0.4)
22Architecture: all
23Description: Simple preseed for nslcd
24 This is a simple preseed for nslcd
26Package: lliurex-preseed-moodle
27Pre-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, lliurex-preseed-common (>= 0.4)
28Architecture: all
29Description: Simple preseed for moodle
30 This is a simple preseed for moodle
32Package: lliurex-preseed-libnss-ldapd
33Pre-Depends: ${misc:Depends}, lliurex-preseed-common (>= 0.4)
34Architecture: all
35Description: Simple preseed for libnss-ldapd
36 This is a simple preseed for libnss-ldapd
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