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Adding Flash screen to install and fix bug when you visit last selection and change it.

File size: 608 bytes
1Template: lliurex/installflash
2Type: text
3_description: Software Extra
5Template: ubiquity/text/label_lliurex_UI_title_install_Flash
6Type: text
7_description: You can install extra software
9Template: ubiquity/text/label_lliurex_supported_desc
10Type: text
11_description: Select old modules to be installed at your destination system
13Template: ubiquity/text/label_lliurex_flash_msg
14Type: text
15_description: LliureX can install Flash support. Do you want to install Adobe Flash Player on this computer?
17Template: ubiquity/text/cb_supportedHardware
18Type: text
19_description: Install propietary drivers for NVIDIA
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