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1Source: lliurex-zero-installers
2Section: x11
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: Equipo LliureX <>
5Build-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 7), llxcfg-dev, zero-dev, llxsrchelper,inkscape (>= 0.47)
6Standards-Version: 3.8.4
8Package: lliurex-zero-installer-pyromaths
9Architecture: all
10Section: x11
11Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
12Description: Pyromaths installer
13 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs python-pyromaths package
15Package: zero-installer-fonts
16Architecture: all
17Section: x11
18Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
19Description: Extra fonts installer
20 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs extra-fonts package
22Package: lliurex-zero-installer-dvdcss
23Architecture: all
24Section: x11
25Depends: zero-center, gdebi, wget, llxcfg-runtime
26Description: Extra codecs installer
27 Zero-center helper, It downloads and installs codecs for DVD package
29Package: lliurex-zero-installer-recursos
30Architecture: all
31Section: x11
32Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
33Description: Recursos installer
34 Recursos installer, it downloads and installs packages for recursos
36Package: lliurex-zero-installer-hotpotatoes
37Architecture: all
38Section: x11
39Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
40Description: Hotpotatoes installer
41 Hotpotatoes installer for resources
43Package: zero-msad-installer
44Architecture: all
45Section: x11
46Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
47Conflicts:  llxcfg-msad-installer
48Description: Active directory integration
49 zero-msad-installer installer, it downloads and installs packages for AD
50 integration
52Package: lliurex-zero-salt
53Architecture: i386
54Section: x11
55Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
56Description: SALT installer
57 SALT installer for zero-center.
59Package: lliurex-zero-libreoffice-reset
60Architecture: i386
61Section: x11
62Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
63Description: LibreOffice Home Cleaner
64 Limpiador del LibreOffice
66Package: zero-lite-extended
67Architecture: all
68Section: x11
69Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
70Description: zero-center installer for lite
71 Advanced packages for distribution
73Package: zero-lliurex-moodle
74Architecture: all
75Section: x11
76Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
77Description: zero-center installer for Moodle
78 Advanced packages for distribution
80Package: zero-notebook-bar
81Architecture: i386
82Section: x11
83Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
84Description: zero-center installer for notebook
85 Remove notebook bar
87Package: zero-open-sysclone
88Architecture: all
89Section: x11
90Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
91Description: Lliurex Open-SysClone
92 Clone Pc's to rescue.
94Package: zero-lliurex-technology
95Architecture: all
96Section: x11
97Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
98Description: Lliurex Technology lab
99 Install packages for a Techonolgy laboratory
101Package: lliurex-zero-installer-kiosko
102Architecture: all
103Section: x11
104Depends: zero-center, chromium-browser, llxcfg-runtime
105Description: Lliurex Technology lab
106 Zero-center installer to run kiosk mode
108Package: lliurex-zero-installer-analytics
109Architecture: all
110Section: x11
111Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime, n4d
112Description: Controller for Lliurex Analytics reporting agent
113 Zero-center Controller for stat reporting agent
115Package: lliurex-zero-installer-midicss
116Architecture: all
117Section: x11
118Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
119Description: MIDI codecs installer
120 Zero-center helper, It installs codecs for MIDI package
122Package: lliurex-zero-installer-wine64
123architecture: amd64
124Section: x11
125Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
126Description: Wine64 installer
127 Zero-center helper, It installs wine on amd64
129Package: zero-lliurex-telegram
130architecture: all
131Section: x11
132Depends: zero-center, llxcfg-runtime
133Description: Telegram installer
134 Zero-center helper, It installs telegram on Lliurex
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