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2  "name": "jed",
3  "version": "1.1.0",
4  "author": {
5    "name": "Alex Sexton",
6    "email": ""
7  },
8  "description": "Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps",
9  "repository": {
10    "type": "git",
11    "url": ""
12  },
13  "scripts": {
14    "test": "make test"
15  },
16  "main": "./jed",
17  "keywords": [
18    "i18n",
19    "Jed",
20    "gettext",
21    "internationalization"
22  ],
23  "dependencies": {},
24  "devDependencies": {
25    "mocha": "*",
26    "expect.js": "*",
27    "serve": "*"
28  },
29  "license": "Use: WTFPL, Contribute: Dojo CLA",
30  "readme": "[![Build Status](](\n\n# Jed\n\n*Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps*\n\nFor more info, please visit the docs site at <>.\n\n## You sure you don't want something more modern?\n\nI also maintain [messageformat.js]( If you don't specifically need a gettext implementation, I might suggest using MessageFormat instead, as it has better support for plurals/gender and has built-in locale data.\n\n\n## Parsing Gettext Files\n\nJed doesn't include a Gettext file parser, but several third-party parsers exist that can have their output adapted for Jed.\n\n#### Node\n\nJust search the npm repository, there are several PO and MO file parsers available.\n\n#### Browser\n\n[Jed Gettext Parser]( is the only known browser MO file parser, and it also works in Node, and outputs Jed-compatible data directly.\n\n[gettext.js]( and [Pomo.js]( both include browser-compatible PO file parsers.\n\n## Todo\n\n* Build time generation of plural form functions\n* Web interface for building translation sets\n* Code introspection for default values\n\n## License\n\nYou may use this software under the WTFPL.\n\nYou may contribute to this software under the Dojo CLA - <>\n\n\n## Author\n\n* Alex Sexton - @slexaxton - <>\n\n\n## Credits\n\nA good chunk of sanity checking was done against the gettext.js tests. That was written by:\n\n* Joshua I. Miller\n\nThe sprintf implementation is from:\n\n* Alexandru Marasteanu <alexaholic [at) gmail (dot] com>\n\n\n## The name\n\nThe name jed.js is an homage to Jed Schmidt (<>) the JavaScript community member who is a japanese translator by day, and a \"hobbyist\" JavaScript programmer by night. Give your kids three character names and they'll probably get software named after them too.\n",
31  "readmeFilename": "",
32  "bugs": {
33    "url": ""
34  },
35  "_id": "jed@1.1.0",
36  "_from": "jed@~1.1.0"
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