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1Codename: xenial
2Version: 16.09
3Origin: LliureX
4Label: LliureX
5Description: LliureX Distribution Packages
6Architectures: i386 amd64
7Components: main restricted universe multiverse partner preschool
8UDebComponents: main
9DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz
10SignWith: 38970B2B
11Update: - ppa-xenial ppa-xenial-external xenial-frozen self-xenial xenial-included
13Codename: xenial-updates
14Version: 16.09
15Origin: LliureX
16Label: LliureX
17Description: LliureX Distribution Packages
18Architectures: i386 amd64
19Components: main restricted universe multiverse partner
20UDebComponents: main
21DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz
22SignWith: 38970B2B
23Update: - xenial-updates-frozen
25Codename: xenial-security
26Version: 16.09
27Origin: LliureX
28Label: LliureX
29Description: LliureX Distribution Packages
30Architectures: i386 amd64
31Components: main restricted universe multiverse partner
32UDebComponents: main
33DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz
34SignWith: 38970B2B
35Update: - xenial-security-frozen self-xenial-security
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