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Added module for admin-center

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1Source: lmd
2Section: misc
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: LliureX Team <>
5Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7)
6Standards-Version: 3.9.5
8Package: lmd-server
9Depends: ${misc:Depends}, dnsmasq, ltsp-server-standalone, ltsp-server, php5-cli, apache2, libapache2-mod-php5, n4d-remote-gui-plugin, llx-netinstall ( >= 0.21), n4d-lliurex-base ( >= 0.6 ), python, syslinux-common, llx-bootmanager (>>0.1), util-linux, python-apt
10Conflicts: lliurex-ltsp, n4d-ltsp-plugins
11Replaces: lliurex-ltsp, n4d-ltsp-plugins
12Architecture: all
13Description: LMD - LTSP Management for Dummies.
14 This package gives support to Thin and Fat
15 Thin Clients Management.
17Package: lmd-manager-cli
18Depends: ${misc:Depends}, n4d-remote-gui-plugin (>=0.3), python
19Conflicts: lliurex-ltsp-admin
20Architecture: all
21Description: LMD - LTSP Management for Dummies. Cli tools.
22 LMD gives support to Thin and Fat
23 Thin Clients Management. This package
24 offers CLI tools to manage LMD.
26Package: lmd-manager-gui
27Depends: ${misc:Depends}, nwjs0.12, lmd-manager-cli, n4d-remote-gui-plugin, llx-bootmanager-gui, n4d-lliurexberry, n4d-lliurexberry-data
28Conflicts: lliurex-ltsp-admin
29Replaces: lliurex-ltsp-admin
30Architecture: all
31Description: LMD - LTSP Management for Dummies. Gui tools.
32 LMD gives support to Thin and Fat
33 Thin Clients Management. This package
34 offers GUI tools to manage LMD.
36Package: lmd-lliurex-data
37Depends: ${misc:Depends}, lmd-server, lliurex-maker (>= 0.69)
38Conflicts: lliurex-ltsp
39Architecture: all
40Description: LMD - LTSP links and data for LliureX.
41 This package contains all cool data, links
42 and templates to working with LMD in LliureX.
44Package: admin-center-ltsp
45Depends: ${misc:Depends}, admin-center
46Architecture: all
47Description: LMD - LTSP Module for admin-center.
48 LTSP gives support to Thin and Fat
49 Thin Clients Management. This package
50 offers a module for Admin Center to
51 manage LTSP.
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