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1@tool @tool_behat
2Feature: List the system steps definitions
3  In order to create new tests
4  As a tests writer
5  I need to list and filter the system steps definitions
7  Background:
8    Given I am on homepage
9    And I log in as "admin"
10    And I navigate to "Acceptance testing" node in "Site administration > Development"
12  @javascript
13  Scenario: Accessing the list
14    Then I should see "Steps definitions"
15    And I should not see "There aren't steps definitions matching this filter"
17  @javascript
18  Scenario: Filtering by type
19    Given I set the field "Type" to "Then. Checkings to ensure the outcomes are the expected ones"
20    When I press "Filter"
21    Then I should see "Checks, that page contains specified text."
22    And I should not see "Opens Moodle homepage."
24  @javascript
25  Scenario: Filtering by keyword
26    Given I set the field "Contains" to "homepage"
27    When I press "Filter"
28    Then I should see "Opens Moodle homepage."
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