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1@tool @tool_behat
2Feature: Forms manipulation
3  In order to interact with Moodle
4  As a user
5  I need to set forms values
7  @javascript
8  Scenario: Basic forms manipulation
9    Given I log in as "admin"
10    And I navigate to "Edit profile" node in "My profile settings"
11    When I set the field "First name" to "Field value"
12    And I set the field "Text editor" to "Plain text area"
13    And I set the field "Unmask" to "1"
14    And I expand all fieldsets
15    Then the field "First name" matches value "Field value"
16    And the "Text editor" select box should contain "Plain text area"
17    And the field "Unmask" matches value "1"
18    And I set the field "Unmask" to ""
19    And the field "Unmask" matches value ""
20    And I press "Update profile"
22  @javascript
23  Scenario: Expand all fieldsets and advanced elements
24    Given the following "courses" exist:
25      | fullname | shortname | category |
26      | Course 1 | C1 | 0 |
27    And I log in as "admin"
28    And I follow "Course 1"
29    And I turn editing mode on
30    And I add a "Quiz" to section "1"
31    When I expand all fieldsets
32    Then I should see "Close the quiz"
33    And I should see "Group mode"
34    And I should see "Grouping"
35    And I should not see "Show more..." in the "region-main" "region"
36    And I should see "Show less..."
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