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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
2<XMLDB PATH="tool/monitor/db" VERSION="20141103" COMMENT="XMLDB file for Moodle tool/monitor"
3    xmlns:xsi=""
4    xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../../lib/xmldb/xmldb.xsd"
7    <TABLE NAME="tool_monitor_rules" COMMENT="Table to store rules">
8      <FIELDS>
9        <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
10        <FIELD NAME="description" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="false" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Description of the rule"/>
11        <FIELD NAME="descriptionformat" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Description format"/>
12        <FIELD NAME="name" TYPE="char" LENGTH="254" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Name of the rule"/>
13        <FIELD NAME="userid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Id of user who created the rule"/>
14        <FIELD NAME="courseid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Id of course to which this rule belongs."/>
15        <FIELD NAME="plugin" TYPE="char" LENGTH="254" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Frankenstlye name of the plguin"/>
16        <FIELD NAME="eventname" TYPE="char" LENGTH="254" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Fully qualified name of the event"/>
17        <FIELD NAME="template" TYPE="text" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Message template"/>
18        <FIELD NAME="templateformat" TYPE="int" LENGTH="1" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Template format"/>
19        <FIELD NAME="frequency" TYPE="int" LENGTH="4" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Frequency"/>
20        <FIELD NAME="timewindow" TYPE="int" LENGTH="5" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Time window in seconds"/>
21        <FIELD NAME="timemodified" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Timestamp when this rule was last modified"/>
22        <FIELD NAME="timecreated" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Time stamp of when this rule was created"/>
23      </FIELDS>
24      <KEYS>
25        <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
26      </KEYS>
27      <INDEXES>
28        <INDEX NAME="courseanduser" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="courseid, userid" COMMENT="Index on courseid and userid"/>
29        <INDEX NAME="eventname" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="eventname" COMMENT="eventname"/>
30      </INDEXES>
31    </TABLE>
32    <TABLE NAME="tool_monitor_subscriptions" COMMENT="Table to store user subscriptions to various rules">
33      <FIELDS>
34        <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
35        <FIELD NAME="courseid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Course id of the subscription"/>
36        <FIELD NAME="ruleid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Rule id"/>
37        <FIELD NAME="cmid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Course module id"/>
38        <FIELD NAME="userid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="User id of the subscriber"/>
39        <FIELD NAME="timecreated" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Timestamp of when this subscription was created"/>
40        <FIELD NAME="lastnotificationsent" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" DEFAULT="0" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Timestamp of the time when a notification was last sent for this subscription."/>
41      </FIELDS>
42      <KEYS>
43        <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
44        <KEY NAME="rulekey" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="ruleid" REFTABLE="tool_monitor_rules" REFFIELDS="id" COMMENT="Foreign key"/>
45      </KEYS>
46      <INDEXES>
47        <INDEX NAME="courseanduser" UNIQUE="false" FIELDS="courseid, userid" COMMENT="Course and user"/>
48      </INDEXES>
49    </TABLE>
50    <TABLE NAME="tool_monitor_history" COMMENT="Table to store history of message notifications sent">
51      <FIELDS>
52        <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
53        <FIELD NAME="sid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Subscription id"/>
54        <FIELD NAME="userid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="User to whom this notification was sent"/>
55        <FIELD NAME="timesent" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Timestamp of when the message was sent."/>
56      </FIELDS>
57      <KEYS>
58        <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
59        <KEY NAME="subscrptionid" TYPE="foreign" FIELDS="sid" REFTABLE="tool_monitor_subscriptions" REFFIELDS="id"/>
60      </KEYS>
61      <INDEXES>
62        <INDEX NAME="sid_userid_timesent" UNIQUE="true" FIELDS="sid, userid, timesent"/>
63      </INDEXES>
64    </TABLE>
65    <TABLE NAME="tool_monitor_events" COMMENT="A table that keeps a log of events related to subscriptions">
66      <FIELDS>
67        <FIELD NAME="id" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="true"/>
68        <FIELD NAME="eventname" TYPE="char" LENGTH="254" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Event name"/>
69        <FIELD NAME="contextid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Context id"/>
70        <FIELD NAME="contextlevel" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Context level"/>
71        <FIELD NAME="contextinstanceid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Context instance id"/>
72        <FIELD NAME="link" TYPE="char" LENGTH="254" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Link to the event location"/>
73        <FIELD NAME="courseid" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="course id"/>
74        <FIELD NAME="timecreated" TYPE="int" LENGTH="10" NOTNULL="true" SEQUENCE="false" COMMENT="Time created"/>
75      </FIELDS>
76      <KEYS>
77        <KEY NAME="primary" TYPE="primary" FIELDS="id"/>
78      </KEYS>
79    </TABLE>
80  </TABLES>
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