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1@tool @tool_uploadcourse @_file_upload
2Feature: An admin can update courses using a CSV file
3  In order to update courses using a CSV file
4  As an admin
5  I need to be able to upload a CSV file and navigate through the import process
7  Background:
8    Given the following "courses" exist:
9      | fullname | shortname | category |
10      | Some random name | C1 | 0 |
11    And I log in as "admin"
12    And I navigate to "Upload courses" node in "Site administration > Courses"
14  @javascript
15  Scenario: Updating a course fullname
16    Given I upload "admin/tool/uploadcourse/tests/fixtures/courses.csv" file to "File" filemanager
17    And I set the field "Upload mode" to "Only update existing courses"
18    And I set the field "Update mode" to "Update with CSV data only"
19    And I click on "Preview" "button"
20    When I click on "Upload courses" "button"
21    Then I should see "Course updated"
22    And I should see "The course does not exist and creating course is not allowed"
23    And I should see "Courses total: 3"
24    And I should see "Courses updated: 1"
25    And I should see "Courses created: 0"
26    And I should see "Courses errors: 2"
27    And I follow "Home"
28    And I should see "Course 1"
29    And I should not see "Course 2"
30    And I should not see "Course 3"
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