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1This files describes API changes in /badges/*,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 2.7 ===
6* get_completed_criteria_sql() - This method was added to award_criteria class and must be overriden
7  in all criteria classes. This method returns an array consisting of SQL JOIN statement, WHERE conditions,
8  and any parameters that might be required. The results are used in lib/badgeslib.php in review_all_criteria()
9  to reduce to the minimum the number of users to review and award badges.
10* New optional parameter $filtered in review() allows to indicate that some expensive checks can be skipped
11  if the list of users has been initially filtered based on met criteria.
12* New optional parameter $archive in delete() in badge class in badgeslib.php
13  allows to indicate that a badge should be archived instead of fully deleted.
14  If this parameter is set to FALSE, a badge will all its information, criteria,
15  and awards will be removed from the database.
16* BADGE_BACKPACKURL constant has been moved from badges/lib/backpacklib.php to lib/badgeslib.php, and URI scheme
17  name ('http://') has been removed.
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