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1This files describes API changes in /blocks/* - activity modules,
2information provided here is intended especially for developers.
4=== 2.9 ===
6* The obsolete method preferred_width() was removed (it was not doing anything)
7* Deprecated block_base::config_save as is not called anywhere and should not be used.
8* Added instance_copy() function to the block_base class. This function allows for block
9  specific data to be copied when a block is copied.
11=== 2.8 ===
13* The instance_config_print() function was removed. It was deprecated in
14  Moodle 2.0, but without debugging notices. Since it was no longer a part
15  of the code path, debugging notices would not have been displayed.
16* Deprecated functions were removed from the block_base class:
17** _print_block()
18** _print_shadow()
19** _title_html()
20** _add_edit_controls()
21** config_print()
23=== 2.6 ===
25* Deprecated /admin/block.php was removed, make sure blocks are using settings.php instead.
27=== 2.4 ===
29Created new capability 'blocks/xxx:myaddinstance' that determines whether a user can add
30a specific block to their My Home page. This capability was only defined for blocks where
31the applicable_formats function does not include "'my' => false" in the returned array,
32allowing it be added to the My Home page.
34=== 2.3 ===
36required changes in code:
37* block_xxx_pluginfile() is now given the 7th parameter (hopefully the last one) that
38  contains additional options for the file serving. The array should be re-passed
39  to send_stored_file().
41=== 2.0 ===
43required changes in code:
44* use new DML syntax everywhere
45* use new DDL syntax in db/upgrade.php
46* replace defaults.php by settings.php and db/install.php
47* replace STATEMENTS section in db/install.xml by db/install.php
48* move post instalation code from install() method into db/install.php
49* completely rewrite file handling
50* rewrite backup/restore
51* theme changes: move plugin styles into blocks/xxx/styles.css and use new css markers for images,
52                 move all images into new blocks/xxx/pix/ directory and use new outputlib api
53                 old global $THEME is fully replaced by $OUTPUT
54* remove '_utf8' from language pack names, use new {$a} syntax in language packs
55* use 'pluginname' lang pack identifier instead of 'blockname'
56* move cron and version number into standard version.php
57* removed support for old config_global.html, use settings.php
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