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Updated to moodle 3.0.3

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1# we cannot use tinymce2, since Moodle ships a changed version of tinymce
2moodle: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/moodle/lib/editor/tinymce/tiny_mce/3.5.11/*
4# unfortunately, we can't use Debian's libmarkdown-php 1.0.2-1, since that ships just
5# /usr/share/php/markdown.php, while Moodle's lib/weblib.php has
6#    require_once($CFG->libdir .'/markdown/MarkdownInterface.php');
7#    require_once($CFG->libdir .'/markdown/Markdown.php');
8#    require_once($CFG->libdir .'/markdown/MarkdownExtra.php');
9# patching Moodle is too intrusive, imho --JvB
10moodle: embedded-php-library usr/share/moodle/lib/markdown/*
12# can't use Debian's libphp-simplepie (1.2.1-3): too old.  See
13moodle: embedded-php-library usr/share/moodle/lib/simplepie/*
15# use bundled yui3. Unfortunately, version libjs-yui in Debian and of upstream
16# are not compatible (closes: #735312).
17moodle: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/moodle/lib/yuilib/3.17.2/*
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