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2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle.  If not, see <>.
18 * This file contains the strings used by backup
19 *
20 * @package   core
21 * @copyright 2010 Eloy
22 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
23 */
25$string['autoactivedisabled'] = 'Disabled';
26$string['autoactiveenabled'] = 'Enabled';
27$string['autoactivemanual'] = 'Manual';
28$string['autoactivedescription'] = 'Choose whether or not to do automated backups. If manual is selected automated backups will be possible only by through the automated backups CLI script. This can be done either manually on the command line or through cron.';
29$string['automatedbackupschedule'] = 'Schedule';
30$string['automatedbackupschedulehelp'] = 'Choose which days of the week to perform automated backups.';
31$string['automatedbackupsinactive'] = 'Automated backups haven\'t been enabled by the site admin';
32$string['automatedbackupstatus'] = 'Automated backup status';
33$string['automateddeletedays'] = 'Delete backups older than';
34$string['automatedmaxkept'] = 'Maximum number of backups kept';
35$string['automatedmaxkepthelp'] = 'This specifies the maximum number of recent automated backups to be kept for each course. Older backups will be deleted automatically.';
36$string['automatedminkept'] = 'Minimum number of backups kept';
37$string['automatedminkepthelp'] = 'If backups older than a specified number of days are deleted, it can happen that an inactive course ends up with no backup. To prevent this, a minimum number of backups kept should be specified.';
38$string['automatedsetup'] = 'Automated backup setup';
39$string['automatedsettings'] = 'Automated backup settings';
40$string['automatedstorage'] = 'Automated backup storage';
41$string['automatedstoragehelp'] = 'Choose the location where you want backups to be stored when they are automatically created.';
42$string['backupactivity'] = 'Backup activity: {$a}';
43$string['backupcourse'] = 'Backup course: {$a}';
44$string['backupcoursedetails'] = 'Course details';
45$string['backupcoursesection'] = 'Section: {$a}';
46$string['backupcoursesections'] = 'Course sections';
47$string['backupdate'] = 'Date taken';
48$string['backupdetails'] = 'Backup details';
49$string['backupdetailsnonstandardinfo'] = 'The selected file is not a standard Moodle backup file. The restore process will try to convert the backup file into the standard format and then restore it.';
50$string['backupformat'] = 'Format';
51$string['backupformatmoodle1'] = 'Moodle 1';
52$string['backupformatmoodle2'] = 'Moodle 2';
53$string['backupformatimscc1'] = 'IMS Common Cartridge 1.0';
54$string['backupformatimscc11'] = 'IMS Common Cartridge 1.1';
55$string['backupformatunknown'] = 'Unknown format';
56$string['backuplog'] = 'Technical information and warnings';
57$string['backupmode'] = 'Mode';
58$string['backupmode10'] = 'General';
59$string['backupmode20'] = 'Import';
60$string['backupmode30'] = 'Hub';
61$string['backupmode40'] = 'Same site';
62$string['backupmode50'] = 'Automated';
63$string['backupmode60'] = 'Converted';
64$string['backupsection'] = 'Backup course section: {$a}';
65$string['backupsettings'] = 'Backup settings';
66$string['backupsitedetails'] = 'Site details';
67$string['backupstage1action'] = 'Next';
68$string['backupstage2action'] = 'Next';
69$string['backupstage4action'] = 'Perform backup';
70$string['backupstage8action'] = 'Continue';
71$string['backupstage16action'] = 'Continue';
72$string['backuptype'] = 'Type';
73$string['backuptypeactivity'] = 'Activity';
74$string['backuptypecourse'] = 'Course';
75$string['backuptypesection'] = 'Section';
76$string['backupversion'] = 'Backup version';
77$string['cannotfindassignablerole'] = 'The {$a} role in the backup file cannot be mapped to any of the roles that you are allowed to assign.';
78$string['choosefilefromcoursebackup'] = 'Course backup area';
79$string['choosefilefromcoursebackup_help'] = 'When backup courses using default settings, backup files will be stored here';
80$string['choosefilefromuserbackup'] = 'User private backup area';
81$string['choosefilefromuserbackup_help'] = 'When backup courses with "Anonymize user information" option ticked, backup files will be stored here';
82$string['choosefilefromactivitybackup'] = 'Activity backup area';
83$string['choosefilefromactivitybackup_help'] = 'When backup activities using default settings, backup files will be stored here';
84$string['choosefilefromautomatedbackup'] = 'Automated backups';
85$string['choosefilefromautomatedbackup_help'] = 'Contains automatically generated backups.';
86$string['configgeneralactivities'] = 'Sets the default for including activities in a backup.';
87$string['configgeneralbadges'] = 'Sets the default for including badges in a backup.';
88$string['configgeneralanonymize'] = 'If enabled all information pertaining to users will be anonymised by default.';
89$string['configgeneralblocks'] = 'Sets the default for including blocks in a backup.';
90$string['configgeneralcomments'] = 'Sets the default for including comments in a backup.';
91$string['configgeneralfilters'] = 'Sets the default for including filters in a backup.';
92$string['configgeneralhistories'] = 'Sets the default for including user history within a backup.';
93$string['configgenerallogs'] = 'If enabled logs will be included in backups by default.';
94$string['configgeneralquestionbank'] = 'If enabled the question bank will be included in backups by default. PLEASE NOTE: Disabling this setting will disable the backup of activities which use the question bank, such as the quiz.';
95$string['configgeneralgroups'] = 'Sets the default for including groups and groupings in a backup.';
96$string['configgeneralroleassignments'] = 'If enabled by default roles assignments will also be backed up.';
97$string['configgeneraluserscompletion'] = 'If enabled user completion information will be included in backups by default.';
98$string['configgeneralusers'] = 'Sets the default for whether to include users in backups.';
99$string['configloglifetime'] = 'This specifies the length of time you want to keep backup logs information. Logs that are older than this age are automatically deleted. It is recommended to keep this value small, because backup logged information can be huge.';
100$string['confirmcancel'] = 'Cancel backup';
101$string['confirmcancelquestion'] = 'Are you sure you wish to cancel?
102Any information you have entered will be lost.';
103$string['confirmcancelyes'] = 'Cancel';
104$string['confirmcancelno'] = 'Stay';
105$string['confirmnewcoursecontinue'] = 'New course warning';
106$string['confirmnewcoursecontinuequestion'] = 'A temporary (hidden) course will be created by the course restoration process. To abort restoration click cancel. Do not close the browser while restoring.';
107$string['coursecategory'] = 'Category the course will be restored into';
108$string['courseid'] = 'Original ID';
109$string['coursesettings'] = 'Course settings';
110$string['coursetitle'] = 'Title';
111$string['currentstage1'] = 'Initial settings';
112$string['currentstage2'] = 'Schema settings';
113$string['currentstage4'] = 'Confirmation and review';
114$string['currentstage8'] = 'Perform backup';
115$string['currentstage16'] = 'Complete';
116$string['enterasearch'] = 'Enter a search';
117$string['error_block_for_module_not_found'] = 'Orphan block instance (id: {$a->bid}) for course module (id: {$a->mid}) found. This block will not be backed up';
118$string['error_course_module_not_found'] = 'Orphan course module (id: {$a}) found. This module will not be backed up.';
119$string['errorfilenamerequired'] = 'You must enter a valid filename for this backup';
120$string['errorfilenamemustbezip'] = 'The filename you enter must be a ZIP file and have the .mbz extension';
121$string['errorminbackup20version'] = 'This backup file has been created with one development version of Moodle backup ({$a->backup}). Minimum required is {$a->min}. Cannot be restored.';
122$string['errorinvalidformat'] = 'Unknown backup format';
123$string['errorinvalidformatinfo'] = 'The selected file is not a valid Moodle backup file and can\'t be restored.';
124$string['errorrestorefrontpagebackup'] = 'You can only restore front page backups on the front page';
125$string['executionsuccess'] = 'The backup file was successfully created.';
126$string['filename'] = 'Filename';
127$string['filealiasesrestorefailures'] = 'Aliases restore failures';
128$string['filealiasesrestorefailuresinfo'] = 'Some aliases included in the backup file could not be restored. The following list contains their expected location and the source file they were referring to at the original site.';
129$string['filealiasesrestorefailures_help'] = 'Aliases are symbolic links to other files, including those stored in external repositories. In some cases, Moodle cannot restore them - for example when restoring the backup at another site or when the referenced file does not exist.
131More details and the actual reason of the failure can be found in the restore log file.';
132$string['filealiasesrestorefailures_link'] = 'restore/filealiases';
133$string['filereferencesincluded'] = 'File references to external contents included in backup package, they won\'t work on other sites.';
134$string['filereferencessamesite'] = 'Backup is from the same site, file references can be restored';
135$string['filereferencesnotsamesite'] = 'Backup is from other site, file references cannot be restored';
136$string['generalactivities'] = 'Include activities and resources';
137$string['generalanonymize'] = 'Anonymise information';
138$string['generalbackdefaults'] = 'General backup defaults';
139$string['generalbadges'] = 'Include badges';
140$string['generalblocks'] = 'Include blocks';
141$string['generalcomments'] = 'Include comments';
142$string['generalfilters'] = 'Include filters';
143$string['generalhistories'] = 'Include histories';
144$string['generalgradehistories'] = 'Include histories';
145$string['generallogs'] = 'Include logs';
146$string['generalquestionbank'] = 'Include question bank';
147$string['generalgroups'] = 'Include groups and groupings';
148$string['generalroleassignments'] = 'Include role assignments';
149$string['generalsettings'] = 'General backup settings';
150$string['generaluserscompletion'] = 'Include user completion information';
151$string['generalusers'] = 'Include users';
152$string['hidetypes'] = 'Hide type options';
153$string['importgeneralsettings'] = 'General import defaults';
154$string['importgeneralmaxresults'] = 'Maximum number of courses listed for import';
155$string['importgeneralmaxresults_desc'] = 'This controls the number of courses that are listed during the first step of the import process';
156$string['importgeneralduplicateadminallowed'] = 'Allow admin conflict resolution';
157$string['importgeneralduplicateadminallowed_desc'] = 'If the site has an account with username \'admin\', then attempting to restore a backup file containing an account with username \'admin\' can cause a conflict. If this setting is enabled, the conflict will be resolved by changing the username in the backup file to \'admin_xyz\'.';
158$string['importfile'] = 'Import a backup file';
159$string['importbackupstage1action'] = 'Next';
160$string['importbackupstage2action'] = 'Next';
161$string['importbackupstage4action'] = 'Perform import';
162$string['importbackupstage8action'] = 'Continue';
163$string['importbackupstage16action'] = 'Continue';
164$string['importcurrentstage0'] = 'Course selection';
165$string['importcurrentstage1'] = 'Initial settings';
166$string['importcurrentstage2'] = 'Schema settings';
167$string['importcurrentstage4'] = 'Confirmation and review';
168$string['importcurrentstage8'] = 'Perform import';
169$string['importcurrentstage16'] = 'Complete';
170$string['importsuccess'] = 'Import complete. Click continue to return to the course.';
171$string['includeactivities'] = 'Include:';
172$string['includeditems'] = 'Included items:';
173$string['includesection'] = 'Section {$a}';
174$string['includeuserinfo'] = 'User data';
175$string['includefilereferences'] = 'File references to external contents';
176$string['jumptofinalstep'] = 'Jump to final step';
177$string['locked'] = 'Locked';
178$string['lockedbypermission'] = 'You don\'t have sufficient permissions to change this setting';
179$string['lockedbyconfig'] = 'This setting has been locked by the default backup settings';
180$string['lockedbyhierarchy'] = 'Locked by dependencies';
181$string['loglifetime'] = 'Keep logs for';
182$string['managefiles'] = 'Manage backup files';
183$string['missingfilesinpool'] = 'Some files could not be saved during the backup, it won\'t be possible to restore them.';
184$string['moodleversion'] = 'Moodle version';
185$string['moreresults'] = 'There are too many results, enter a more specific search.';
186$string['nomatchingcourses'] = 'There are no courses to display';
187$string['norestoreoptions'] = 'There are no categories or existing courses you can restore to.';
188$string['originalwwwroot'] = 'URL of backup';
189$string['previousstage'] = 'Previous';
190$string['preparingui'] = 'Preparing to display page';
191$string['preparingdata'] = 'Preparing data';
192$string['qcategory2coursefallback'] = 'The questions category "{$a->name}", originally at system/course category context in backup file, will be created at course context by restore';
193$string['qcategorycannotberestored'] = 'The questions category "{$a->name}" cannot be created by restore';
194$string['question2coursefallback'] = 'The questions category "{$a->name}", originally at system/course category context in backup file, will be created at course context by restore';
195$string['questionegorycannotberestored'] = 'The questions "{$a->name}" cannot be created by restore';
196$string['restoreactivity'] = 'Restore activity';
197$string['restorecourse'] = 'Restore course';
198$string['restorecoursesettings'] = 'Course settings';
199$string['restoreexecutionsuccess'] = 'The course was restored successfully, clicking the continue button below will take you to view the course you restored.';
200$string['restorefileweremissing'] = 'Some files could not be restored because they were missing in the backup.';
201$string['restorenewcoursefullname'] = 'New course name';
202$string['restorenewcourseshortname'] = 'New course short name';
203$string['restorenewcoursestartdate'] = 'New start date';
204$string['restorerootsettings'] = 'Restore settings';
205$string['restoresection'] = 'Restore section';
206$string['restorestage1'] = 'Confirm';
207$string['restorestage1action'] = 'Next';
208$string['restorestage2'] = 'Destination';
209$string['restorestage2action'] = 'Next';
210$string['restorestage4'] = 'Settings';
211$string['restorestage4action'] = 'Next';
212$string['restorestage8'] = 'Schema';
213$string['restorestage8action'] = 'Next';
214$string['restorestage16'] = 'Review';
215$string['restorestage16action'] = 'Perform restore';
216$string['restorestage32'] = 'Process';
217$string['restorestage32action'] = 'Continue';
218$string['restorestage64'] = 'Complete';
219$string['restorestage64action'] = 'Continue';
220$string['restoretarget'] = 'Restore target';
221$string['restoretocourse'] = 'Restore to course: ';
222$string['restoretocurrentcourse'] = 'Restore into this course';
223$string['restoretocurrentcourseadding'] = 'Merge the backup course into this course';
224$string['restoretocurrentcoursedeleting'] = 'Delete the contents of this course and then restore';
225$string['restoretoexistingcourse'] = 'Restore into an existing course';
226$string['restoretoexistingcourseadding'] = 'Merge the backup course into the existing course';
227$string['restoretoexistingcoursedeleting'] = 'Delete the contents of the existing course and then restore';
228$string['restoretonewcourse'] = 'Restore as a new course';
229$string['restoringcourse'] = 'Course restoration in progress';
230$string['restoringcourseshortname'] = 'restoring';
231$string['restorerolemappings'] = 'Restore role mappings';
232$string['rootenrolmanual'] = 'Restore as manual enrolments';
233$string['rootsettings'] = 'Backup settings';
234$string['rootsettingusers'] = 'Include enrolled users';
235$string['rootsettinganonymize'] = 'Anonymize user information';
236$string['rootsettingroleassignments'] = 'Include user role assignments';
237$string['rootsettingactivities'] = 'Include activities and resources';
238$string['rootsettingbadges'] = 'Include badges';
239$string['rootsettingblocks'] = 'Include blocks';
240$string['rootsettingfilters'] = 'Include filters';
241$string['rootsettingcomments'] = 'Include comments';
242$string['rootsettingcalendarevents'] = 'Include calendar events';
243$string['rootsettinguserscompletion'] = 'Include user completion details';
244$string['rootsettingquestionbank'] = 'Include question bank';
245$string['rootsettinglogs'] = 'Include course logs';
246$string['rootsettinggradehistories'] = 'Include grade history';
247$string['rootsettinggroups'] = 'Include groups and groupings';
248$string['rootsettingimscc1'] = 'Convert to IMS Common Cartridge 1.0';
249$string['rootsettingimscc11'] = 'Convert to IMS Common Cartridge 1.1';
250$string['sitecourseformatwarning'] = 'This is a front page backup, note that they can only be restored on the front page';
251$string['storagecourseonly'] = 'Course backup filearea';
252$string['storagecourseandexternal'] = 'Course backup filearea and the specified directory';
253$string['storageexternalonly'] = 'Specified directory for automated backups';
254$string['sectionincanduser'] = 'Included in backup along with user information';
255$string['sectioninc'] = 'Included in backup (no user information)';
256$string['sectionactivities'] = 'Activities';
257$string['selectacategory'] = 'Select a category';
258$string['selectacourse'] = 'Select a course';
259$string['setting_overwriteconf'] = 'Overwrite course configuration';
260$string['setting_course_fullname'] = 'Course name';
261$string['setting_course_shortname'] = 'Course short name';
262$string['setting_course_startdate'] = 'Course start date';
263$string['setting_keep_roles_and_enrolments'] = 'Keep current roles and enrolments';
264$string['setting_keep_groups_and_groupings'] = 'Keep current groups and groupings';
265$string['showtypes'] = 'Show type options';
266$string['skiphidden'] = 'Skip hidden courses';
267$string['skiphiddenhelp'] = 'Choose whether or not to skip hidden courses';
268$string['skipmodifdays'] = 'Skip courses not modified since';
269$string['skipmodifdayshelp'] = 'Choose to skip courses that have not been modified since a number of days';
270$string['skipmodifprev'] = 'Skip courses not modified since previous backup';
271$string['skipmodifprevhelp'] = 'Choose whether to skip courses that have not been modified since the last automatic backup. This requires logging to be enabled.';
272$string['timetaken'] = 'Time taken';
273$string['title'] = 'Title';
274$string['totalcategorysearchresults'] = 'Total categories: {$a}';
275$string['totalcoursesearchresults'] = 'Total courses: {$a}';
276$string['unnamedsection'] = 'Unnamed section';
277$string['userinfo'] = 'Userinfo';
278$string['module'] = 'Module';
279$string['morecoursesearchresults'] = 'More than {$a} courses found, showing first {$a} results';
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