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2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle.  If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'core_enrol', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package    core_enrol
21 * @subpackage enrol
22 * @copyright  2010 Petr Skoda {@link}
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26$string['actenrolshhdr'] = 'Available course enrolment plugins';
27$string['addinstance'] = 'Add method';
28$string['addinstanceanother'] = 'Add method and create another';
29$string['ajaxoneuserfound'] = '1 user found';
30$string['ajaxxusersfound'] = '{$a} users found';
31$string['ajaxnext25'] = 'Next 25...';
32$string['assignnotpermitted'] = 'You do not have permission or can not assign roles in this course.';
33$string['bulkuseroperation'] = 'Bulk user operation';
34$string['configenrolplugins'] = 'Please select all required plugins and arrange then in appropriate order.';
35$string['custominstancename'] = 'Custom instance name';
36$string['defaultenrol'] = 'Add instance to new courses';
37$string['defaultenrol_desc'] = 'It is possible to add this plugin to all new courses by default.';
38$string['deleteinstanceconfirm'] = 'You are about to delete the enrolment method "{$a->name}". All {$a->users} users currently enrolled using this method will be unenrolled and any course-related data such as users\' grades, group membership or forum subscriptions will be deleted.
40Are you sure you want to continue?';
41$string['deleteinstanceconfirmself'] = 'Are you really sure you want to delete instance "{$a->name}" that gives you access to this course? It is possible that you will not be able to access this course if you continue.';
42$string['deleteinstancenousersconfirm'] = 'You are about to delete the enrolment method "{$a->name}". Are you sure you want to continue?';
43$string['disableinstanceconfirmself'] = 'Are you really sure you want to disable instance "{$a->name}" that gives you access to this course? It is possible that you will not be able to access this course if you continue.';
44$string['durationdays'] = '{$a} days';
45$string['editenrolment'] = 'Edit enrolment';
46$string['enrol'] = 'Enrol';
47$string['enrolcandidates'] = 'Not enrolled users';
48$string['enrolcandidatesmatching'] = 'Matching not enrolled users';
49$string['enrolcohort'] = 'Enrol cohort';
50$string['enrolcohortusers'] = 'Enrol users';
51$string['eventenrolinstancecreated'] = 'Enrolment instance created';
52$string['eventenrolinstancedeleted'] = 'Enrolment instance deleted';
53$string['eventenrolinstanceupdated'] = 'Enrolment instance updated';
54$string['enrollednewusers'] = 'Successfully enrolled {$a} new users';
55$string['enrolledusers'] = 'Enrolled users';
56$string['enrolledusersmatching'] = 'Matching enrolled users';
57$string['enrolme'] = 'Enrol me in this course';
58$string['enrolmentinstances'] = 'Enrolment methods';
59$string['enrolmentnew'] = 'New enrolment in {$a}';
60$string['enrolmentnewuser'] = '{$a->user} has enrolled in course "{$a->course}"';
61$string['enrolments'] = 'Enrolments';
62$string['enrolmentoptions'] = 'Enrolment options';
63$string['enrolnotpermitted'] = 'You do not have permission or are not allowed to enrol someone in this course';
64$string['enrolperiod'] = 'Enrolment duration';
65$string['enrolusage'] = 'Instances / enrolments';
66$string['enrolusers'] = 'Enrol users';
67$string['enrolxusers'] = 'Enrol {$a} users';
68$string['enroltimecreated'] = 'Enrolment created';
69$string['enroltimeend'] = 'Enrolment ends';
70$string['enroltimestart'] = 'Enrolment starts';
71$string['errajaxfailedenrol'] = 'Failed to enrol user';
72$string['errajaxsearch'] = 'Error when searching users';
73$string['erroreditenrolment'] = 'An error occurred while trying to edit a users enrolment';
74$string['errorenrolcohort'] = 'Error creating cohort sync enrolment instance in this course.';
75$string['errorenrolcohortusers'] = 'Error enrolling cohort members in this course.';
76$string['errorthresholdlow'] = 'Notification threshold must be at least 1 day.';
77$string['errorwithbulkoperation'] = 'There was an error while processing your bulk enrolment change.';
78$string['eventuserenrolmentcreated'] = 'User enrolled in course';
79$string['eventuserenrolmentdeleted'] = 'User unenrolled from course';
80$string['eventuserenrolmentupdated'] = 'User unenrolment updated';
81$string['expirynotify'] = 'Notify before enrolment expires';
82$string['expirynotify_help'] = 'This setting determines whether enrolment expiry notification messages are sent.';
83$string['expirynotifyall'] = 'Enroller and enrolled user';
84$string['expirynotifyenroller'] = 'Enroller only';
85$string['expirynotifyhour'] = 'Hour to send enrolment expiry notifications';
86$string['expirythreshold'] = 'Notification threshold';
87$string['expirythreshold_help'] = 'How long before enrolment expiry should users be notified?';
88$string['finishenrollingusers'] = 'Finish enrolling users';
89$string['foundxcohorts'] = 'Found {$a} cohorts';
90$string['instanceadded'] = 'Method added';
91$string['instanceeditselfwarning'] = 'Warning:';
92$string['instanceeditselfwarningtext'] = 'You are enrolled into this course through this enrolment method, changes may affect your access to this course.';
93$string['invalidenrolinstance'] = 'Invalid enrolment instance';
94$string['invalidrole'] = 'Invalid role';
95$string['manageenrols'] = 'Manage enrol plugins';
96$string['manageinstance'] = 'Manage';
97$string['migratetomanual'] = 'Migrate to manual enrolments';
98$string['nochange'] = 'No change';
99$string['noexistingparticipants'] = 'No existing participants';
100$string['nogroup'] = 'No group';
101$string['noguestaccess'] = 'Guests cannot access this course. Please log in.';
102$string['none'] = 'None';
103$string['notenrollable'] = 'You can not enrol yourself in this course.';
104$string['notenrolledusers'] = 'Other users';
105$string['otheruserdesc'] = 'The following users are not enrolled in this course but do have roles, inherited or assigned within it.';
106$string['participationactive'] = 'Active';
107$string['participationstatus'] = 'Status';
108$string['participationsuspended'] = 'Suspended';
109$string['periodend'] = 'until {$a}';
110$string['periodnone'] = 'enrolled {$a}';
111$string['periodstart'] = 'from {$a}';
112$string['periodstartend'] = 'from {$a->start} until {$a->end}';
113$string['proceedtocourse'] = 'Proceed to course content';
114$string['recovergrades'] = 'Recover user\'s old grades if possible';
115$string['rolefromthiscourse'] = '{$a->role} (Assigned in this course)';
116$string['rolefrommetacourse'] = '{$a->role} (Inherited from parent course)';
117$string['rolefromcategory'] = '{$a->role} (Inherited from course category)';
118$string['rolefromsystem'] = '{$a->role} (Assigned at site level)';
119$string['startdatetoday'] = 'Today';
120$string['synced'] = 'Synced';
121$string['testsettings'] = 'Test settings';
122$string['testsettingsheading'] = 'Test enrol settings - {$a}';
123$string['totalenrolledusers'] = '{$a} enrolled users';
124$string['totalotherusers'] = '{$a} other users';
125$string['unassignnotpermitted'] = 'You do not have permission to unassign roles in this course';
126$string['unenrol'] = 'Unenrol';
127$string['unenrolconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to unenrol user "{$a->user}" from course "{$a->course}"?';
128$string['unenrolme'] = 'Unenrol me from {$a}';
129$string['unenrolnotpermitted'] = 'You do not have permission or can not unenrol this user from this course.';
130$string['unenrolroleusers'] = 'Unenrol users';
131$string['uninstallmigrating'] = 'Migrating "{$a}" enrolments';
132$string['unknowajaxaction'] = 'Unknown action requested';
133$string['unlimitedduration'] = 'Unlimited';
134$string['usersearch'] = 'Search ';
135$string['withselectedusers'] = 'With selected users';
136$string['extremovedaction'] = 'External unenrol action';
137$string['extremovedaction_help'] = 'Select action to carry out when user enrolment disappears from external enrolment source. Please note that some user data and settings are purged from course during course unenrolment.';
138$string['extremovedsuspend'] = 'Disable course enrolment';
139$string['extremovedsuspendnoroles'] = 'Disable course enrolment and remove roles';
140$string['extremovedkeep'] = 'Keep user enrolled';
141$string['extremovedunenrol'] = 'Unenrol user from course';
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