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2// This file is part of Moodle -
4// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
5// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
6// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
7// (at your option) any later version.
9// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
10// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
12// GNU General Public License for more details.
14// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
15// along with Moodle.  If not, see <>.
18 * Strings for component 'group', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
19 *
20 * @package   core
21 * @copyright 2006 The Open University
22 * @author    J.White AT
23 * @license GNU GPL v3 or later
24 */
26$string['addedby'] = 'Added by {$a}';
27$string['addgroup'] = 'Add user into group';
28$string['addgroupstogrouping'] = 'Add group to grouping';
29$string['addgroupstogroupings'] = 'Add/remove groups';
30$string['adduserstogroup'] = 'Add/remove users';
31$string['allocateby'] = 'Allocate members';
32$string['anygrouping'] = '[Any grouping]';
33$string['autocreategroups'] = 'Auto-create groups';
34$string['backtogroupings'] = 'Back to groupings';
35$string['backtogroups'] = 'Back to groups';
36$string['badnamingscheme'] = 'Must contain exactly one \'@\' or one \'#\'  character';
37$string['byfirstname'] = 'Alphabetically by first name, last name';
38$string['byidnumber'] = 'Alphabetically by ID number';
39$string['bylastname'] = 'Alphabetically by last name, first name';
40$string['createautomaticgrouping'] = 'Create automatic grouping';
41$string['creategroup'] = 'Create group';
42$string['creategrouping'] = 'Create grouping';
43$string['creategroupinselectedgrouping'] = 'Create group in grouping';
44$string['createingrouping'] = 'Grouping of auto-created groups';
45$string['createorphangroup'] = 'Create orphan group';
46$string['databaseupgradegroups'] = 'Groups version is now {$a}';
47$string['defaultgrouping'] = 'Default grouping';
48$string['defaultgroupingname'] = 'Grouping';
49$string['defaultgroupname'] = 'Group';
50$string['deleteallgroupings'] = 'Delete all groupings';
51$string['deleteallgroups'] = 'Delete all groups';
52$string['deletegroupconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete group \'{$a}\'?';
53$string['deletegrouping'] = 'Delete grouping';
54$string['deletegroupingconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete grouping \'{$a}\'? (Groups in the grouping are not deleted.)';
55$string['deletegroupsconfirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the following groups?';
56$string['deleteselectedgroup'] = 'Delete selected group';
57$string['editgroupingsettings'] = 'Edit grouping settings';
58$string['editgroupsettings'] = 'Edit group settings';
59$string['enrolmentkey'] = 'Enrolment key';
60$string['enrolmentkey_help'] = 'An enrolment key enables access to the course to be restricted to only those who know the key. If a group enrolment key is specified, then not only will entering that key let the user into the course, but it will also automatically make them a member of this group.
62Note: Group enrolment keys must be enabled in the self enrolment settings and an enrolment key for the course must also be specified.';
63$string['enrolmentkeyalreadyinuse'] = 'This enrolment key is already used for another group.';
64$string['erroraddremoveuser'] = 'Error adding/removing user {$a} to group';
65$string['erroreditgroup'] = 'Error creating/updating group {$a}';
66$string['erroreditgrouping'] = 'Error creating/updating grouping {$a}';
67$string['errorinvalidgroup'] = 'Error, invalid group {$a}';
68$string['errorremovenotpermitted'] = 'You do not have permission to remove automatically-added group member {$a}';
69$string['errorselectone'] = 'Please select a single group before choosing this option';
70$string['errorselectsome'] = 'Please select one or more groups before choosing this option';
71$string['evenallocation'] = 'Note: To keep group allocation even, the actual number of members per group differs from the number you specified.';
72$string['eventgroupcreated'] = 'Group created';
73$string['eventgroupdeleted'] = 'Group deleted';
74$string['eventgroupmemberadded'] = 'Group member added';
75$string['eventgroupmemberremoved'] = 'Group member removed';
76$string['eventgroupupdated'] = 'Group updated';
77$string['eventgroupingcreated'] = 'Grouping created';
78$string['eventgroupingdeleted'] = 'Grouping deleted';
79$string['eventgroupingupdated'] = 'Grouping updated';
80$string['existingmembers'] = 'Existing members: {$a}';
81$string['filtergroups'] = 'Filter groups by:';
82$string['group'] = 'Group';
83$string['groupaddedsuccesfully'] = 'Group {$a} added successfully';
84$string['groupaddedtogroupingsuccesfully'] = 'Group {$a->groupname} added to grouping {$a->groupingname} successfully';
85$string['groupby'] = 'Auto create based on';
86$string['groupdescription'] = 'Group description';
87$string['groupinfo'] = 'Info about selected group';
88$string['groupinfomembers'] = 'Info about selected members';
89$string['groupinfopeople'] = 'Info about selected people';
90$string['grouping'] = 'Grouping';
91$string['groupingaddedsuccesfully'] = 'Grouping {$a} added successfully';
92$string['grouping_help'] = 'A grouping is a collection of groups within a course. If a grouping is selected, students assigned to groups within the grouping will be able to work together.';
93$string['groupingsection'] = 'Grouping access';
94$string['groupingsection_help'] = 'A grouping is a collection of groups within a course. If a grouping is selected here, only students assigned to groups within this grouping will have access to the section.';
95$string['groupingdescription'] = 'Grouping description';
96$string['groupingname'] = 'Grouping name';
97$string['groupingnameexists'] = 'The grouping name \'{$a}\' already exists in this course, please choose another one.';
98$string['groupings'] = 'Groupings';
99$string['groupingsonly'] = 'Groupings only';
100$string['groupmember'] = 'Group member';
101$string['groupmemberdesc'] = 'Standard role for a member of a group.';
102$string['groupmembers'] = 'Group members';
103$string['groupmemberssee'] = 'See group members';
104$string['groupmembersselected'] = 'Members of selected group';
105$string['groupmode'] = 'Group mode';
106$string['groupmode_help'] = 'This setting has 3 options:
108* No groups - There are no sub groups, everyone is part of one big community
109* Separate groups - Each group member can only see their own group, others are invisible
110* Visible groups - Each group member works in their own group, but can also see other groups
112The group mode defined at course level is the default mode for all activities within the course. Each activity that supports groups can also define its own group mode, though if the group mode is forced at course level, the group mode setting for each activity is ignored.';
113$string['groupmodeforce'] = 'Force group mode';
114$string['groupmodeforce_help'] = 'If group mode is forced, then the course group mode is applied to every activity in the course. Group mode settings in each activity are then ignored.';
115$string['groupmy'] = 'My group';
116$string['groupname'] = 'Group name';
117$string['groupnameexists'] = 'The group name \'{$a}\' already exists in this course, please choose another one.';
118$string['groupnotamember'] = 'Sorry, you are not a member of that group';
119$string['groups'] = 'Groups';
120$string['groupscount'] = 'Groups ({$a})';
121$string['groupsettingsheader'] = 'Groups';
122$string['groupsgroupings'] = 'Groups &amp; groupings';
123$string['groupsinselectedgrouping'] = 'Groups in:';
124$string['groupsnone'] = 'No groups';
125$string['groupsonly'] = 'Groups only';
126$string['groupspreview'] = 'Groups preview';
127$string['groupsseparate'] = 'Separate groups';
128$string['groupsvisible'] = 'Visible groups';
129$string['grouptemplate'] = 'Group @';
130$string['hidepicture'] = 'Hide picture';
131$string['importgroups'] = 'Import groups';
132$string['importgroups_help'] = 'Groups may be imported via text file. The format of the file should be as follows:
134* Each line of the file contains one record
135* Each record is a series of data separated by commas
136* The first record contains a list of fieldnames defining the format of the rest of the file
137* Required fieldname is groupname
138* Optional fieldnames are description, enrolmentkey, picture, hidepicture';
139$string['importgroups_link'] = 'group/import';
140$string['javascriptrequired'] = 'This page requires JavaScript to be enabled.';
141$string['members'] = 'Members per group';
142$string['membersofselectedgroup'] = 'Members of:';
143$string['namingscheme'] = 'Naming scheme';
144$string['namingscheme_help'] = 'The at symbol (@) may be used to create groups with names containing letters. For example Group @ will generate groups named Group A, Group B, Group C, ...
146The hash symbol (#) may be used to create groups with names containing numbers. For example Group # will generate groups named Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, ...';
147$string['newgrouping'] = 'New grouping';
148$string['newpicture'] = 'New picture';
149$string['newpicture_help'] = 'Select an image in JPG or PNG format. The image will be cropped to a square and resized to 100x100 pixels.';
150$string['noallocation'] = 'No allocation';
151$string['nogrouping'] = 'No grouping';
152$string['nogroup'] = 'No group';
153$string['nogrouping'] = 'No grouping';
154$string['nogroups'] = 'There are no groups set up in this course yet';
155$string['nogroupsassigned'] = 'No groups assigned';
156$string['nopermissionforcreation'] = 'Can\'t create group "{$a}" as you don\'t have the required permissions';
157$string['nosmallgroups'] = 'Prevent last small group';
158$string['notingroup'] = 'Ignore users in groups';
159$string['notingrouping'] = '[Not in a grouping]';
160$string['notingrouplist'] = '[Not in a group]';
161$string['nousersinrole'] = 'There are no suitable users in the selected role';
162$string['number'] = 'Group/member count';
163$string['numgroups'] = 'Number of groups';
164$string['nummembers'] = 'Members per group';
165$string['mygroups'] = 'My groups';
166$string['othergroups'] = 'Other groups';
167$string['overview'] = 'Overview';
168$string['potentialmembers'] = 'Potential members: {$a}';
169$string['potentialmembs'] = 'Potential members';
170$string['printerfriendly'] = 'Printer-friendly display';
171$string['random'] = 'Randomly';
172$string['removegroupfromselectedgrouping'] = 'Remove group from grouping';
173$string['removefromgroup'] = 'Remove user from group {$a}';
174$string['removefromgroupconfirm'] = 'Do you really want to remove user "{$a->user}" from group "{$a->group}"?';
175$string['removegroupingsmembers'] = 'Remove all groups from groupings';
176$string['removegroupsmembers'] = 'Remove all group members';
177$string['removeselectedusers'] = 'Remove selected users';
178$string['selectfromgroup'] = 'Select members from group';
179$string['selectfromgrouping'] = 'Select members from grouping';
180$string['selectfromrole'] = 'Select members with role';
181$string['showgroupsingrouping'] = 'Show groups in grouping';
182$string['showmembersforgroup'] = 'Show members for group';
183$string['toomanygroups'] = 'Insufficient users to populate this number of groups - there are only {$a} users in the selected role.';
184$string['usercount'] = 'User count';
185$string['usercounttotal'] = 'User count ({$a})';
186$string['usergroupmembership'] = 'Selected user\'s membership:';
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