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1@editor @editor_atto @atto @atto_link @_file_upload
2Feature: Add links to Atto
3  To write rich text - I need to add links.
5  @javascript
6  Scenario: Insert a links
7    Given I log in as "admin"
8    And I follow "Manage private files..."
9    And I upload "lib/editor/atto/tests/fixtures/moodle-logo.png" file to "Files" filemanager
10    And I click on "Save changes" "button"
11    When I follow "Profile" in the user menu
12    And I follow "Edit profile"
13    And I set the field "Description" to "Super cool"
14    And I select the text in the "Description" Atto editor
15    And I click on "Link" "button"
16    And I click on "Browse repositories..." "button"
17    And I click on "Private files" "link"
18    And I click on "moodle-logo.png" "link"
19    And I click on "Select this file" "button"
20    And I click on "Update profile" "button"
21    And I follow "Preferences" in the user menu
22    And I follow "Editor preferences"
23    And I set the field "Text editor" to "Plain text area"
24    And I press "Save changes"
25    And I follow "Edit profile"
26    Then I should see "Super cool</a>"
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