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1@editor @editor_atto @atto @atto_strike @_bug_phantomjs
2Feature: Atto strike button
3  To format text in Atto, I need to use the strike button.
5  @javascript
6  Scenario: Strike some text
7    Given I log in as "admin"
8    And I navigate to "Edit profile" node in "My profile settings"
9    And I set the field "Description" to "MUA"
10    And I set the field "Text editor" to "Plain text area"
11    And I select the text in the "Description" Atto editor
12    And I click on "Show more buttons" "button"
13    When I click on "Strike through" "button"
14    And I press "Update profile"
15    And I follow "Edit profile"
16    Then I should see "<strike>MUA</strike>"
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