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1# translation of msttcorefonts_2.6_gl.po to galician
2# Galician translation of msttcorefonts's debconf templates
3# This file is distributed under the same license as the msttcorefonts package.
5# Jacobo Tarrio <>, 2007.
6# Marce Villarino <>, 2009.
7# mvillarino <>, 2009.
8msgid ""
9msgstr ""
10"Project-Id-Version: msttcorefonts_2.6_gl\n"
12"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-12-01 15:50+0100\n"
13"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-01-18 22:47+0100\n"
14"Last-Translator: Marce Villarino <>\n"
15"Language-Team: galician <>\n"
16"Language: \n"
17"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
18"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
19"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
20"X-Generator: KBabel 1.11.4\n"
21"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;\n"
23#. Type: string
24#. Description
25#: ../templates:1001
26msgid "Directory holding MS fonts (if already downloaded):"
27msgstr "Directorio que contén os tipos de letra de MS (se xa se descargaron):"
29#. Type: string
30#. Description
31#: ../templates:1001
32msgid ""
33"If you have already downloaded Microsoft's TrueType Core Fonts for the web, "
34"type the name of the directory which contains them. Those files are in the "
35"Microsoft Windows self-installing format, and are named andale32.exe, "
36"arial32.exe, arialb32.exe, comic32.exe, courie32.exe, georgi32.exe, impact32."
37"exe, times32.exe, trebuc32.exe, verdan32.exe and webdin32.exe."
38msgstr ""
39"Se xa descargou os «TrueType Core Fonts» de Microsoft, escriba o nome do "
40"directorio que os contén. Eses ficheiros están no formato autoinstalábel de "
41"Microsoft Windows, e teñen os nomes andale32.exe, arial32.exe, arialb32.exe, "
42"comic32.exe, courie32.exe, georgi32.exe, impact32.exe, times32.exe, trebuc32."
43"exe, verdan32.exe e webdin32.exe."
45#. Type: string
46#. Description
47#: ../templates:1001
48msgid ""
49"If you haven't yet downloaded these fonts, leave this blank and the fonts "
50"will be downloaded for you. Approximately 4 MB will need to be downloaded."
51msgstr ""
52"Se aínda non descargou estes tipos de letra, deixe isto en branco e hanse "
53"descargar os tipos por vostede. Hase ter que descargar uns 4 MB, "
56#. Type: string
57#. Description
58#: ../templates:1001
59msgid ""
60"If you are not connected to the internet or do not wish to download these "
61"fonts now, enter \"none\" to abort."
62msgstr ""
63"Se non está conectado a Internet ou non quere descargar agora os tipos, "
64"introduza \"none\" para abortar."
66#. Type: error
67#. Description
68#: ../templates:2001
69msgid "Font files not found"
70msgstr "Non se atoparon os ficheiros dos tipos de letra"
72#. Type: error
73#. Description
74#: ../templates:2001
75msgid ""
76"The directory you entered either did not exist, did not contain the "
77"Microsoft TrueType Core Fonts for the Web Microsoft Windows 9x self "
78"installing executables, or those executables did not match the versions "
79"expected by this script.  Please re-enter the directory containing the "
80"Microsoft font files or enter \"none\" to abort."
81msgstr ""
82"O directorio que introduciu non existe, ou non contén os executábeis "
83"autoinstalábeis dos «TrueType Core Fonts» de Microsoft para a Web, ou os "
84"executábeis non coinciden coas versións que agardaba este script. Volva "
85"introducir o directorio que contén os tipos de letra de Microsoft ou "
86"introduza \"none\" para abortar."
88#. Type: string
89#. Description
90#: ../templates:3001
91msgid "Where should these files be archived (optional):"
92msgstr "Onde se teñen que archivar estes ficheiros (opcional):"
94#. Type: string
95#. Description
96#: ../templates:3001
97msgid ""
98"If you would like to keep a permanent archive of the compressed Windows self "
99"extracting files, enter the directory where you'd like them stored.  If you "
100"leave this blank, the files will be deleted after installation."
101msgstr ""
102"Se quere gardar un arquivo permanente dos ficheiros autoextraíbeis de "
103"Windows, introduza o directorio no que os quere gardar. Se o deixa en "
104"branco, hanse borrar os ficheiros tras a instalación."
106#. Type: string
107#. Description
108#: ../templates:4001
109msgid "Mirror to download from:"
110msgstr "Réplica da que descargar:"
112#. Type: string
113#. Description
114#: ../templates:4001
115msgid ""
116"This package already contains a built-in set of mirrors, which should be "
117"sufficient for most people. However, if you'd like to use a different "
118"(possibly local) mirror instead, please enter the full URL to the directory "
119"containing the relevant files here. If not, just leave the field blank."
120msgstr ""
121"Este paquete xa contén un xogo de réplicas que debería ser dabondo para a "
122"maioría da xente. Porén, se quere empregar outra réplica (posibelmente "
123"local), introduza aquí o URL completo do directorio que contén os ficheiros "
124"relevantes. Se non, deixe o campo en branco."
126#. Type: string
127#. Description
128#: ../templates:5001
129msgid "HTTP proxy to use:"
130msgstr "Proxy HTTP a empregar:"
132#. Type: string
133#. Description
134#: ../templates:5001
135msgid ""
136"If you need to use a proxy server, please enter it here (example: "
137" This will cause the font files to be downloaded "
138"using your proxy."
139msgstr ""
140"Se precisa de empregar un servidor proxy, introdúzao aquí (exemplo: "
141" Isto ha facer que os ficheiros de tipos de letras "
142"se descarguen empregando o proxy."
144#. Type: string
145#. Description
146#: ../templates:5001
147msgid "Leave this option blank if you don't use a proxy server."
148msgstr "Deixe esta opción en branco se non emprega un servidor proxy."
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