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1Olivier ANDREOTTI: AIX, Solaris patches
2Thierry LACOSTE: BSD portage
3Didier LIROULET: Installation script
4Remi COLLET: bug fixes and Fedora/RedHat maintainer
5Walid NOUH: gave access to PowerPC hardware to help the portage
6Olivier ROUSSY: minor patches
7Dennis CABOOTER: FreeBSD maintainer
8Pierre CHIFFLIER: Debian maintainer
9Nicolas DORFSMAN: Solaris patches
10Jean-Jacques MICHEL: Solaris patches
11Etienne GUILLAUMONT: AIX4 CPU detection
12Wes YOUNG: MacOSX support and patches
13Edouard GAMIN: RAID devices support for Linux
14Christoph HALMES: Solaris patches
15Jean PARPAILLON: IPMI backends and patches
16David DURIEUX: AMD64 detection on BSD systems
17Wilfried BRUNKEN: patch for memory detection on AIX
18Vladimir ELISSEEV: various patches
19Julien SAFAR: ArchLinux support
20Damien MAURAN: MacOSX packaging, doc and support
21Sebastien DAGNICOURT: AIX and Solaris patches
22Nicolas EISEN: patches
23Sylvain LUCE: Sun M5000 and M4000 support
24Philippe LIBAT: patchs and Xen support
25David OLIVIER: MacOSX patches
26Jean-François BOUCHER: Solaris patch
27Scott HANNAHS: MacOSX patches
28Maurizio Bertaboni: Solaris Zone support
29Scott HANNAHS: patch
30Sergio MERINO: patch
31Vincent KNECHT: wording patch
32Barius DRUBECK: documentation patch
33Stéphane URBANOVSKI: patch
34Jerome LEBASE: Solaris patches
35François ERMET: HP-UX support and SNMP integration
36Dmitry ILYIN: Patches
37Guillaume ROUSSE: various patches for Xen support
38Lucas MASSE: various patches for Solaris support
39Adam BUCHBINDER: various patches
40Bernhard Denner: various patches
41Yoann Le Bihan: Solaris patches
42Andreas Xenos: MacOSX patches
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