source: pdfshuffler/trunk/fuentes/data/pdfshuffler.ui.h @ 337

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Firs release to xenial

File size: 386 bytes
1char *s = N_("Crop");
2char *s = N_("Delete");
3char *s = N_("Import");
4char *s = N_("Open a file and append it to the current document");
5char *s = N_("Rotate left");
6char *s = N_("Rotate right");
7char *s = N_("Save");
8char *s = N_("Save as");
9char *s = N_("Zoom in");
10char *s = N_("Zoom out");
11char *s = N_("_Edit");
12char *s = N_("_File");
13char *s = N_("_Help");
14char *s = N_("_View");
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