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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
2<!DOCTYPE XMLlist SYSTEM "../XMLlist.dtd" [<!ENTITY nbsp "&amp;nbsp;">]>
4<!-- messages localisés en français pour le connecteur aligastore
6© 2002-2007 PMB Services / et contributeurs (voir
8$Id: en_UK.xml,v 1.1 2015-06-15 12:55:35 pmbs Exp $ -->
11        <entry code="aliga_base_url">Base URL of the aligastore server</entry>
12        <entry code="aliga_username">Username</entry>
13        <entry code="aliga_password">Password</entry>
14        <entry code="aliga_syncbase">Synchronise the entire base</entry>
15        <entry code="aliga_sync_noticecaddie">Synchronise the records of a basket of records</entry>
16        <entry code="aliga_sync_explcaddie">Synchronise the records of a basket of copies</entry>
17        <entry code="aliga_caddie_element">elements</entry>
18        <entry code="aliga_fetch_images">Retrieve the images linked to the records</entry>
19        <entry code="aliga_image_folder">Folder in which will be stored the images of the records</entry>
20        <entry code="aliga_image_folder_public">Public URL of the folder containing the images of the records</entry>
21        <entry code="aliga_image_thumburl">URL of the thumbnail</entry>
22        <entry code="aliga_image_front">URL of the Recto</entry>
23        <entry code="aliga_image_back">URL of the Verso</entry>
24        <entry code="aliga_cover_front">Recto</entry>
25        <entry code="aliga_cover_back">Verso</entry>
26        <entry code="aliga_enrichment_source">(enrichment from Aligastore)</entry>
27        <entry code="aliga_enrichment_no_resume">No recap available.</entry>
28        <entry code="aliga_enrichment_no_bio">No biography available.</entry>
29        <entry code="aliga_enrichment_no_sommaire">No table of contents available</entry>
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