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10.3.0 (2005-11-01):
2- Fixed cell merging (fix contributed by Nicolas Kahn - thanks!)
3- Corrected the README: formulas are supported since version 0.2.2
4- Added a method named set_codepage() to the workbook object which
5  allows to set the codepage (fixes German Umlauts on Macs for
6  example, contributed by Stefan Grünig - thanks!)
7- Changed all calls of call_user_method_array() to call_user_func_array()
8  as recent PHP versions complain about call_user_method_array() being
9  deprecated (reported by Julien Detante and Luc Cessieux)
10- Added $_debug to the class variable declaration of
11 and
12 so that PHP doesn't complain about it
13- The demos now produce proper headers ("Content-Type" and
14  "Content-Disposition") so that the correct application gets loaded
15  when an XLS file is received more reliably (thanks to
16  C. Mourad Jaber)
17- Temporary files are now deleted (reported by Siggi Oskarsson)
18- Added example-colors.php
19- Fixed frozen and thawed panes (reported by Roger Jochem and Flavio
20  Ciotola)
21- Added example-panes.php to prove that it's really fixed ;-)
22- Added example-repeat.php because somebody reported that it doesn't
23  work - it does work for me, please report again if it fails for you
24  and send me your code
25- Fixed cell range formulas like '$A$1:$B$2' which should now work
26  (thanks Cedric Chandon)
27- Fixed the PHP 5 incompatibility (reported by several people, patch
28  by Jean Pasdeloup, thanks!)
300.2.2 (2003-10-08):
31- Cleaned up
32- Cleaned up _append() and _prepend() in
33  and to no longer use func_get_args()
34  but require exactly one argument instead (internal api change)
35- Changed class to support tmpfile. Because of this it is possible now to
36  create an excel sheet on the fly that can be send by web server and is
37  afterwards deleted. To provoke this behaviour you just pass an empty file
38  name and later on use the writexcel_workbook->send(filename) function.
39  (contributed by Andreas Brodowski)
40- Imported and changed the PEAR::Spreadsheet Parser.php file to allow
41  formulas in worksheets (contributed by Andreas Brodowski)
430.2.1 (2002-11-11):
44- Corrected two typos in
45  (thanks to Peter van Aarle)
46- Fixed cell bg_color (thanks to Jason McCarver for the patch)
47- Added support for Big/Little Endian (thanks to Marc Dilasser)
48- Added FAQ
49- Random cleanups
510.2.0 (2002-09-04):
52- Added missing methods set_bg_color(), set_rotation(), set_text_justlast(),
53  set_locked(), set_hidden(), set_font_script(), set_font_shadow(),
54  set_font_outline() and set_font_strikeout() to
56- Cleaned up
57- Moved $monthdays() in into
58  xl_date_list()
59- Fixed all calls to call_user_func_array() and call_user_method_array()
60  where the first parameter was an undefined constant (thanks Arnaud Limbourg)
61- Cleaned up
62- Temporarily moved out of the archive
63  because formulas are not yet supported
64- Added support for files bigger than 7 MB
65  (, requires php_ole
66- Added example which creates a file bigger than 7 MB (example-bigfile.php)
67- Changed dates in CHANGELOG to international notation
68- Updated the README file
700.1.2 (2002-08-10):
71- Fixed xl_date_list() in
72- Cleaned up
73- Renamed to
74 (it isn't actually a class)
75- Changed "pack("NN", 0xD0CF11E0, 0xA1B11AE1)" to
76  "pack("C8", 0xD0, 0xCF, 0x11, 0xE0, 0xA1, 0xB1, 0x1A, 0xE1)"
77  in which seems to work around a bug in
78  some PHP versions (thanks to Maître Reizz for this one!)
800.1.1 (2002-07-30):
81- Fixed several PHP warnings regarding call-time pass-by-reference and
82  undefined constants
83- Changed "Spreadsheet::WriteExcel" to "php_writeexcel" in example-demo.php
84- Changed fopen() calls to explicitely open files in binary mode
860.1.0 (2002-05-20):
87- Added support for inserting bitmaps (insert_bitmap in writeexcel_worksheet)
88- Some fixes for improved compatibility with the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
89  examples (see example-*.php)
90- Some random bugfixes
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