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1# RepoMan
3RepoMan is a repository manager for Lliurex and other debian-based distros.
4It's focused on simplicity and it lacks some advanced features for repository management as is developed with basic users with no knowledge in mind.
6## Features
8RepoMan's main page consists on a simply list of the target distro's main repositories. It lets the user to add new repositories and enable/disable any of them (including the distro's default repositories).
10### Enabling/Disabling Repos
12As simple as switch on/off the repo.
14### Adding a repo
16In order to add it's needed a name, a descriptive text of the repo (optional) and the url of the repo. One of RepoMan's amazing powers is the hability to explore an url and get the available repositories from it. Per example, if we need to add LliureX's repositories in the url we could write "" and RepoMan we'll capable of get all the information for us. We can also be more specific writing the target version " bionic-updates" or put the full url of a repo "deb xenial main universe multiverse preschool restricted partner"
Note: See TracBrowser for help on using the repository browser.